Other Tutorials Done With Silo



Just a curious question here… this is something I do that I’ve found works for me. I frequently dabble with watching tutorials for everything under the sun. I love to learn new things (doesn’t even have to be 3D…2D stuff, building scale plastic model kits, how to build terrain for wargaming or HO train’s, classical painting techniques, how to make an awesome chili or BBQ sauce, repairing your deck/stairs, etc).

Anyway, sometimes, with 3D, I’ll find a tutorial (I am a Digital Tutors…er “Plurasight”…subscriber) for some package that I think might be fun to do. I will go through it with the stated software, but after (or sometimes during!) I’ll go back and do it with a different package. In other words, I’ll find a “Modeling a RC Car” tutorial for MODO, do it, and then go and do it again but with Silo, Lightwave, or whatever. I have found that learning 3D tips n’ techniques this way (using a different package) forces me to adapt my working method to the software, and I learn the principle behind it better.

Does anyone else do this ‘on purpose’? So far, Silo, Softimage|XSI and MODO have been the most “able” to handle tutorials from other packages…sometimes better than the original package (yes, 3DS MAX, I’m looking at you!).

Just curious mostly. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to mention…mostly Modeling tutorials. Sometimes I’ll do animation ones with XSI (still learning MODO).


I have not necessarily done this as a purpose but I have done it because the the software in the tutorial was not one I was familiar with. Or, I used another software because I did not have the one in the tutorial.

With the decades old Fiat 500 tutorial I was never able to finish it in 3ds Max. Later I did it in Silo and MoI (Method of Inspiration).