Other good Lighting/Shading Communities?


Hey there,

Just wanted to ask if you know other good lighting/Shading communities around the internets, apart from CGTalk.
Also any resources on the topic in general would be nice :slight_smile:


Digital Lighting and Rendering - Jeremy Birn (book)
Efficient Cinematic Lighting - Gnomon Workshop (DVD)
Color and Light - A Guide for The Realistic Painter - James Gurney

Check out deviantArt and ConceptArt.org, both have great discussions about art in general.


Hey, thanks alienretro!

I didn’t know the “Color and Light - A Guide for The Realistic Painter - James Gurney” one! Will definitely have a look into it!


Also, take a look at the Gnomon DVD about Color Thoery… in the last video, the instructor spends an hour or more just analyzing the lights and the colors used in several paintings from the great masters.


Just read Color and light halfway through. it’s an amazing book! Thanks so much for that tip :slight_smile: Worth every penny.


You may also want to take a look at Painting With Light. I still haven’t read it, but I heard kind opinions towards it, so you may want to check it.


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