OT: XSI Price Drop



Now it’s going to be even tougher for NT to remain competitive. I hope NT have some amazing stuff to show at SIGGRAPH, otherwise I think people who have considered to switch, will probably do so soon ( pricing starts at $495 ). And new 3D artists might probably strongly consider getting into XSI rather than LW or whatever. Avid’s marketing is very strong and they understand how to create awareness and now they’ve entered below LW’s price range.

What do you think this means for Newtek ?


what this will do is cut into people who will switch for the price of a lw upgrade. Wonder if Maya has something like this in the works.

Amazingly Max has not budged it’s price one cent throughout all the years of price drops.


It means that XSI will probably be my first commercial 3d app along with alot of other people starting out.

XSI just nudged in on Newtek’s territory as a hobbyist tool and a competent 3d package for those who can’t afford everything out there.

Me thinks this will start a fire under Newtek and perhaps motivate them to make leaps in development and a pricedrop.


The otehr bad news, sort of, from Siggraph is that Alias have bought out Kaydara i.e. MotionBuilder. So watch that disappear off the market in the near future which would be pity but almost inevitable following the buy out. Such is the nature of takeovers :frowning:


Wow the show hasn’t even started and already the opening salvo has just changed the playing field. WIth all the people selling off copies of lightwave and refusing to upgrade there is a chance that alot of people will jump ship. C4D had a switch from lightwave special a month ago for the same price. I wonder if this is a determined effort to hit Newtek while it’s customers are teetering on the fence?


These are two groundshattering announcements. One good and one iffy.

This news about XSI though just was enough to make me purchase a copy, i think i’ll definately be saying goodbye to lightwave now as this deal is too good to pass up. I think XSI just moved into the number one position for 3d apps on price point alone. I think if I was newtek and maxon, and i guess discreet as well i’d be a little nervous right now. XSI has been encroaching on the gamer territory for awhile now and will do so in a big way once half life 2 hits and now with that price point, i’m betting alot of studios will be sitting up and taking notice.


I’m not saying goodbye to lightwave, but I’m certainly not upgrading to 8 either. I’m probably going to buy the XSI foundation too, but still use modeler until I am as comfortable in XSI. What a great value!


Yeah, I’d have to say this is huge. Wow, $495. Just my opinion but…no more add-ins and add-ons. Its time to innovate. All the major 3D apps are competitively priced now so most of us solo artist can get in on the game and with choices. Actually, XSI at $495 hurts the lower priced apps like Hash more than Lightwave. Come to think of it, the new low price is more of an evangelistic outreach. Fall in love with XSI and in a few years when you are a decision maker at a studio you remember how we (AVID) showed you some love at $495 a copy.



He he. Yeah, thats right… show me some love now and then the money later…



I totally agree. If it wasn’t a good price to get DFX+ , I would never have upgraded to LW8. Keeping an eye on Flay meant I had 95% of the “new” modelling tools integrated in LW8, and if I had needed the “new” bone, dynamic, particle tools before I could have purchased those seperately as well as long a go as a couple years past.
And even worse is the way each new tool feels like it has been shoe-horned into the program with no regard to other tools.

LW, the Animation Master of the future ?

Time for Newtek to get back into the inovation buisiness.


Yeah guys price is very very interesting but i don’t see price drop there ? I see another LITE version of already LITE (Essentials). They just made another smaller package of their LITE version. Essentials is LITE of Advanced so i wonder what else they removed now :).

It sure is good price but question is what do you get(how much features is missing) and do anyone know how is their licensing these days ? Is there yearly fee or you acctualy really BUY aap like with LW ?



The Foundation version is pretty impressive for the price. Heck for the price of a couple of LW plug-ins, you get XSI!

The stuff thats not part of the lower version includes hard body dynamics, Syflex cloth, hair, batch rendering, etc. But mainly its all there!

You do own the app after buying. The expense comes with maintenance, which means that you wont get any support and updates unless you subscribe. Better drop by the Softimage site and compare prices and features.



Foundation is a full functional version of XSI, only with some features drop from essentials … you have not rigid body dinamics, only local render license, some character setups missing, and a few other minor issues, but you have full modeling, texturing, rendering and animation package, and you have full particles, soft body and cloth simulation.

XSI has a year fee for free upgrade, patchs and support, but it is optional … your license never expire if you dont want support.

I thin that XSI is now a solid package to see face to face to all other 3D packages … from LW or C4D to Maya or MAX … i use both LW and XSI and i can say that XSI is simple incredible in tasks like organic modeling, animation, simulation or complex rendering … and with version 4 it becomes closer to LW in terms of workflow, specially with his new material management … i love LW and work with it … but you must see XSI … it is simple other world, more complex in some situations, but a lot more powerfull …


Unless you work a lot with dynamics, don’t have your own video compositor or use a large render farm, XSI Foundation is a pretty complete version of XSI-Advanced.

As far as modelling, texturing, all forms of non-dynamic animation (although it has excellent particles and soft body dynamics), and rendering goes, Foundation IS a complete version of XSI, which makes it all the more unbelievable.

As for the paid support, it is optional, and it only covers phone support. E-mail support is still free (and same day), I even used it a couple times when I was just running the EXP version :slight_smile:


I’m absolutely stunned by this move. Newtek can’t possibly compete with this, at least not any time in the near future. The Luxology people must be mortified, how the hell can you market modo against foundation at that pricing?!? Too bad I already overspent this month by buying messiah. Doubt I’ll be using my LW dongle for anything other than DFX in the very near future though! What will the rest of the week hold for 3d pricing?


You guys are missing the obvious and something I have been advocating for since years:
the value added stuff.Not only You get the software, they also throw in 5 DVDs, 1 extra starter DVD, a 600 pages manual.For 495.- bucks.
All NT could “throw in” was “please another 100 bucks for printed manual”, they must be kidding, really.
I am glad I did not upgrade to 8 from my 7.5c, because those 500 bucks will be defintily better spent for the product of a company that knows that training material is the single most important factor when trying to sell software to new customers.
Food for thought NewTek ;/
Besides that, If I am correct, with XSI You can actually do real game models with textures and they look in XSI as they will in the DirectX game engine, something NT just doesn’t seem to be able to deliver.


Salvo? Thermonuclear MIRV is more like it. :eek: And apart from Newtek at the moment, I’ll predict right now that the low-end apps like Animation Master and Truespace are dead, Dead, DEAD. Unless they can survive on a $100 price tag, that is.

C4D had a switch from lightwave special a month ago for the same price.

Really? I’ve been curious about C4D for a while, and have been checking their prices off-and-on for the last couple of months, but have never seen anything LW-specific in their promos.

I wonder if this is a determined effort to hit Newtek while it’s customers are teetering on the fence?

It’s what I would do. Business is war.

(And I’m saying this as a big fan of both Newtek and LW.)


Ye with little faith. yall should post your comments in the XSI forum, hehe

Unless i have to, im not changing programs just to have to learn all over again.
There is nothing i cant accomplish using Lightwave. With any 3d app your still going to use
stuff like Photoshop and some type of compositing program. Not trying to be an A$$, but its just that i have never seen an animation, model or any graphic that i couldnt do with
LightWave, a paint program and a compositing program. Which ever program, its still going to
take effort to get things done.

Im VonBon, and I approve this message


LOL !!!



" There is nothing i cant accomplish using Lightwave."

LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!!