OT:XSI price drop, how is Maxon gonna compete ?


totally agree with that, for creating stills c4d 9 now has everything I’ve ever wanted from a 3d app

xsi is still interesting though with all the training DVDs, but I wonder how long this low price will last


I won’t be replacing C4D either, since Maxon is a rising star and C4D9 looks impressive.

But getting XSI foundation for £300+ is a no brainer, especially with those 5 DVDs. I don’t think they will lower it even more though ;), so I guess the prices will stay as they are for a while.


totally agree, if I had more time on my hand I would immediately get the XSI essentials.
Its a great program at a great price.
But I will use up my time budget for learning in catching up with the new R9 and Z-Brush 2.


still bugging me that Z-Brush 2 still isn’t out for the Mac :banghead: :banghead:


I awoke today and read my news and learned that XSI had dropped their price. At first I was dumbfounded by their arrogance. And next I was enamoured with the possibilities.

So then, I ate my morning yogurt, got on my bus, went to Siggraph and saw C4D 9…and you know what…all the news I witnessed this morning only makes me feel better that C4D is an app that I embraced 6 months ago and truly love.

Maxon…you guys know quality.

Thank you for sharing it with us humble artists.

Keep up the amazing work!



video training module or something like that.
basically Sketch and toon and Bodypaint 2 shipped with quick start video training as way of introduction to the new apps.


But do we still need it that bad, I wonder? What does Zbruush 2 has to offer that makes it really worth it now? Just curious…



What does Z2 have?-- you have to use it to believe–
what about : generate a hi-detail displacement Mesh that makes a low-poly crash-test dummy mesh become a full muscled Arnold schwarzenegger after rendering with Micropolydisplacement—
and create that in 2-4 hours of z-sculpting (No kidding, its incredibly fast).
Z-2 really is a kind of its own and has no competition whatsoever…



^^ Exactly why I wish they’d finally come up with the Mac version :cry:


hey olli don’t suppose you know of any siggraph news from those guys?


It is to be available Sept-04.


Flingster, no, I dont—
would surprise me though if they came up with something new, Z2 is so brand new–on the other hand, pixologic is good for surprises— who knows.



From todays Pixologic forum: I’m currently at SIGGRAPH and can’t spend as much time on ZBC as I would like to, but I wanted to share this with you right away: The Macintosh version is being optimized for speed, and the final stage of beta testing is underway. I will be posting a release date as soon as that information is available.

So the MAC-version is nearly there. Well I will absolutely check it out. Sounds cool!



cheers guys…:thumbsup:


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