OT:XSI price drop, how is Maxon gonna compete ?


What would interest me would be the dynamics and MR rendering–on more than 2 cpus–so I’d be looking at the $2000 version. At that price point I’m not tempted.

No question though that it will be a huge draw for those just getting into 3D. I’m sure it’ll take some business away from LW, Maya, Maxon, and Discreet, but I imagine it’ll absolutely nail the coffin lid over Caligari, Carrara, and the other entry-level applications.


Yea, … so maybe Maxon should just simply beat em all in price, and release v9 for 399.00… yea… since C4D is already known to be the easiest app to learn, of the bigger solutions, by dropping the price to this rediculously low amount, they would no doubt make up the difference in new sales volume, and then some, while certainly giving the industry a good shake up in the process … :smiley:

  • wakes up* ah, what a terrific dream, but alas, it just won’t happen eh :smiley:


Yeah, and then they have to lay off all the programmers and support staff. :frowning:

It’s sort of funny that Softimage is spinning this as “Democratic” when it’s really nothing but pure capitalism–trying to snuff out the competition so they can gobble up the market. Of course Alias started the whole thing…


Upgrading from Art7 to 8 basic module plus AR, and then to 8.5 was some 750 Euro.

This said, I find this a scandal and what we call “dishonest concurrence”. In fact: I see it as a sign they’re all afraid of Cinema. Announcing this now makes me think there is a mole who told them what the upcoming surprise of Maxon is going to be.
I am a very slow learner compared to most of you (only have a few hours weekly and tend to forget what I did as I’m extremely chaotic) and I am not going to restart from zero. If C9 upgrade price is within my reach, I’ll go for it.

Must be a funny feeling though for loyal users who paid for previous versions of SoftImage.


If I understand things correctly, you get cloth dynamics and pretty advanced tools for uv unwrapping in the foundation… That’s two pretty big points, both of which you cannot find in the C4D core… The fact that XSI is pretty painful to work with is an entirely different story :smiley: but as pointed out above - a newcomer to 3D will most certainly have problems chosing something else than XSI foundation…

Even fluid dynamics is part of the foundation package… Comparison overview here -> http://www.softimage.com/products/Xsi/v4/comparison/default.asp


The 495 price tag seems really attractive, and it will nodoubt reshuffle the 3D market.

Then just wait a few hours to see what Maxon bring us.


So Softimage is trying to widen their customer base - not a bad move, i think.

But there´s still a flipside to that coin: while it is quite tempting for 3D beginners who plan to be professionals in this craft some time later, XSI will still be far too much for hobbyists to deal with - the package is so complex that it doesn´t tolerate anything like a fulltime job and family next to it. You must (as with Maya) be very committed to get good results in reasonable time, no matter how cheap the package itself gets … we have seen that with Maya PLE.

I think, “smaller” or “easier” software packages will still be around for a long time because they reward the average user much faster yet still leave room to grow.

Myself i am waiting for Maxon to jettison some of their Amiga Heritage and come up with more modern modelling tools, like integrating MeshSurgery and usable NURBS - i am pretty happy with the rest of the package, but i´ll still have a close look on what XSI has to offer … download is almost done. :slight_smile:

cheers, Stephen


Oh how the mighty fall!

I remember the days when we used to get the latest version of Softimage 3D, a massive box with umpteen manuals and pieces of yellow pages of complicated instructions. That sense of self-importance is history. These mighty companies are having to live in the real world. This does de-stablilize the market but, I believe for the better.

It is funny that MAX, once considered a poor cousin to the ‘high end’ tools, is now one of the more expensive apps, that has the yellow installation pages.

What are the studios going to do now to compete for the high-end clients? They can’t say, “We have this software, oh la la la”. It might be that they are going to have to compete on skill…

As for Maxon, as long as they don’t get too high on the sweet smell of success, they will go from strength to strength.

Where will we be in the future? I think much the same as now, different products (which are aften very similar) aimed at different market segments, we will just be doing it in real time.


actualy i’m not that worried. To me this is a major sign that others beside Maxon see that there is a need and a market for lower priced high power 3D tools.


quick price comparision:

XSI4 Foundation: 495$
C4D8 core: 595$
LightWave8: 1,595$
Maya6 complete: 1,999$
3D max7: 3,495$


I’m new here and most of what I read here was on mind before I came here today. I found about the price drop earlier today. Blender came to mind cause it’s free and getting better, Cinema 4d may release a free version 7ce, and 3ds max 7 is going for about $4000 due out in a few weeks or months. I believe they are targeting the 3ds max student users and cinema 4d as well. No matter what I’m getting a copy. It may be missing a lot of things, but it is still worth the price. True Cinema 4d learning curve is easy compared to most apps, but credibility is what XSI also have in comparison to out put production in the industry. The one man studio such as myself they are targeting. So expect to see cinema 7 ce for free, no matter I still get XSI.


For a limited time, all new purchases of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 will also ship with the Softimage Production Series, a complete suite of professional training DVDs providing nearly 50 hours of materials.

[size=2]I would like to see Maxon compete with that. [/size]


would you really? didn’t you just release a cd-rom-package for c4d? :wink:
imagine maxon would ship training-dvds with the box…


The reason I released it is because there is nothing out there in terms of learning the package. I don’t make my living from this but from using the application. If there is alot more educational material out there there be more chance for studios to swich to Cinema in terms of learning the app.

This is besides the point becaue I now have bought XSI.




[right]This is an amazing deal whatever anyone says. For over £300 you get the application and all this training material. Forget the companies, for an artist this is the best deal anywhere bar none![/right]

[right] £119.95 [/right]
This 5-part series of in-depth instructional videos and example scenes covers the essentials of production using SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This collection of DVDs focuses on mastering the tools and concepts in XSI that will help you to take your digital artistry to the next level.

(To purchase the DVDs individually, click here.)

1- Rendering concepts for XSI (4 hrs 50 mins)

Master XSI rendering technology and achieve optimal rendering performance as well as outstanding image quality with this complete set of fundamental concepts that explain how raytracing internals work. Topics include:
[li]Anti-aliasing and Adaptive Sampling[/li][li]Motion Blur[/li][li]BSP Tree[/li][li]Displacement Maps[/li][li]GPU surface FX[/li][li]Render Map—high to low res[/li][li]Render Map—Bump Mapping[/li][li]Render Map—multiple objects to individual maps[/li][li]Render Map—multiple objects to single map[/li][li]Optimizing Render map using unique UVs[/li][li]Scenes and Documentation[/li][/ul]2- Rendering in XSI (6 hrs)

Create stunning visual effects and photorealistic rendered images with this complete overview of Render Pass and Render Tree concepts in XSI. Topics include:
[li]Render Tree Basics[/li][li]Render Tree Techniques[/li][li]Creating Effects with the Gradient Shader[/li][li]Elliptical Filtering[/li][li]Bump Mapping[/li][li]Lighting[/li][li]Final Gathering[/li][li]Render Passes Explained[/li][li]Render Passes in Use[/li][li]Scenes and Documentation[/li][/ul]3- Animating in XSI (6 hrs)

Discover how to maximize the power of the non-linear animation tools in XSI by gaining a deeper understanding of the key components found in this cutting edge toolset. Topics include:
[li]Animation structures[/li][li]Transformations[/li][li]Animation mixing[/li][li]Sources and Clips[/li][li]Shape animation[/li][li]Audio[/li][li]Constraints[/li][li]Skeletons[/li][li]Enveloping[/li][li]Character rigs[/li][li]Character development kit[/li][li]Character deformation[/li][li]Setups[/li][li]Scenes[/li][/ul]4- Modeling & Texturing (7 hrs 50 mins)

Create models faster and more efficiently while maintaining the flexibility to make changes at anytime by mastering the renowned modeling tools and workflow in XSI. Topics include:
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Through both introductory and production examples, you will learn how to create stunning effects by using the very extensive and flexible Simulation tools in XSI, including Rigid Body Dynamics, Hair and Particles. Topics include:
[li]Rigid Body Dynamics: Introduction[/li][li]Rigid Body Dynamics: Concepts[/li][li]Rigid Body Dynamics Rigs[/li][li]Hair Concepts & Workflow[/li][li]Hair Examples[/li][li]Pipeline Optimization[/li][li]Particle Introduction[/li][li]Particle Concepts[/li][li]Particle Examples[/li][li]Scenes and Documentation[/li][/ul]Please Note: The Softimage Production Series DVDs is FREE when you purchase XSI Foundation.


wow, that is one hellova price drop, however as someone mentioned in the cgnews thread I wonder how much the maintennance costs are, hopefully nothing :smiley:

time I looked at the demo again :slight_smile:


holy crap !!! :eek:

this surely will kill smaller apps that have a similar price tag, I can’t believe the amount the training material you get…


And when all the small fish are eaten, you’re once again at the mercy of the commercial sharks.


come on, Softimage is far from being a monopolist—
everybody is battling for the user-base.
I dont see anything wrong in that.
I hope 3D never sees such a standstill as 2D does.
Could happen some time, but we are far from that.
Lets see what Maxon announces today.
People that know more seem to be very confident about the future of Cinema, so lets wait and see.
I am sure they come up with something better than " we cut the price by half".

As long as the apps have unique strengths price alone will not dry out the market.
XSI needs a stronger userbase, so the big companies can search out of a larger talent pool.
Its a killer program, but still has its difficulties competing with Maya in professional pipelines.
So lowering the price is a natural way. XSI was too expensive all the time to be relevant for the prosumer market.
Suddenly its a good idea.
I will wait what Maxon comes up with, then decide over the next week if I will buy XSI, if only because of the neat weighting-tools for characters that could save me quite some CB-painting-- its tempting.
Main reason I hesitate is that i am a little tired of learning more & more apps for the same tasks.

I would rather invest my time into production.
Main gaps to fill for C4D for me are: clothes, better Dynamics.
All to make character-animation up-to date,
and Micropolydisplacement. to be able to Make Z-Brush (now that is truly an innovative software company) and C4D a happy couple.

Maybe a colission system for bones would be nice, too.
If they come up with these, no need for me to invest time into yet another app.

Did I say I am really curious?



Maxon needs to do something point blank

theres not a lot of training materal out there for cinema
and if so its all in the UK.In the US we didnt get a news letter or anything.
I hope they have something big to show