OT:XSI price drop, how is Maxon gonna compete ?


R9 is very impressive, they’ve included pretty much everything I want out of a 3d package, although it’s hard to tell what the mocca enhancements are like at the moment :slight_smile:


I want to drink mocca with Clothilde!
Her softIK and then, well, err…also that other IK…


XSI dops price— how can Maxon compete? Question answered: R9.
Awesome job, dudes & dudettes.

I will have a hard time even to think up a new wish-list, if all works as advertised—

Motion Mixing— sounds a lot like the Motionbuilder timeline to me—
Now that would be coool–

Gotta go, drink a beer–


Yeah, no wonder Srek wasn’t worried. I’m still getting XSI, but I don’t see how I could not upgrade to R9.


I’m sure some of us can help you with that - making a wish list, that is :wink:


I’m sure some of us can help you with that - making a wish list, that is

hell yes, I want ngons dammit… oh wait a minute… nevermind:bounce:


How do you explain that…XSI as far as I thought, was the fastest growing…


Oh… I can still think of some things. :wink:


yupp no c4d 9 for me …

xsi 4 foundation it is …

mental ray yummmmmy


Your missing out then :slight_smile:


I can’t say I didn’t 2nd guess the decision I made a couple of weeks ago to go with C4D :blush: … That price and all the DVDs??? :eek:

But after seeing what R9 is bringing to the table I am really not tempted at all… Maybe if I had the time to learn a program like XSI. And just cuz its an incredible deal doesn’t mean it is money well spent. Not in my case anyway. I had rather spend my time creating, and my money on training and maybe S&T :smiley:



What is vtms? Is this training I have and don’t know about?


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Just 24 hours ago I thought that XSI was pretty tempting (not that I would have switched, but still) - with the R9 info now, well, it’s fairly clear that Maxon doesn’t have any problems competing :slight_smile:


I think that current C4D users won’t switch to XSI. I don’t wanna do this because there are a lot of aspects in that C4D is way better or fits better and that’s why we’ve all chosen C4D anyway. Renderfarm with Mental Ray? Man, no-one would pay for it. And in fact, there are features in which C4D is industry-leading (Tree creation with Xfrog 4 for example).
But XSI is much more tempting for all the those who start 3D nowadays. That’s because it has certain features tha C4D does not have (but not too many, and c4d has other features, so it’s not a big problem), there are a lot of training DVDs out there (that’s not a big problem too, IMO but who knows), XSI has been used in much more feature films, ads and so on, XSI has Mental Ray and Renderman support so it can be used in these pipelines and that’s why there are much more XSI job opportunities.


totally agree with that, for creating stills c4d 9 now has everything I’ve ever wanted from a 3d app

xsi is still interesting though with all the training DVDs, but I wonder how long this low price will last


I won’t be replacing C4D either, since Maxon is a rising star and C4D9 looks impressive.

But getting XSI foundation for £300+ is a no brainer, especially with those 5 DVDs. I don’t think they will lower it even more though ;), so I guess the prices will stay as they are for a while.


totally agree, if I had more time on my hand I would immediately get the XSI essentials.
Its a great program at a great price.
But I will use up my time budget for learning in catching up with the new R9 and Z-Brush 2.


still bugging me that Z-Brush 2 still isn’t out for the Mac :banghead: :banghead:


I awoke today and read my news and learned that XSI had dropped their price. At first I was dumbfounded by their arrogance. And next I was enamoured with the possibilities.

So then, I ate my morning yogurt, got on my bus, went to Siggraph and saw C4D 9…and you know what…all the news I witnessed this morning only makes me feel better that C4D is an app that I embraced 6 months ago and truly love.

Maxon…you guys know quality.

Thank you for sharing it with us humble artists.

Keep up the amazing work!