OT:XSI price drop, how is Maxon gonna compete ?


You’ve probably all seen this http://www.xsibase.com/news.php?detail=1046

What does this mean for Maxon ( and for other 3D companies ) ? That is some aggressive pricing structure. I mean XSI Foundation for $495 ( and 5 Tutorial DVDs ), it’s very tempting to get XSI.


that’s more than tempting…:thumbsup:


Why does everything always have to be a competition? It rings of the old My app is better than your app thing…jeeze


XSI doesn’t run on Mac either. That’s a huge minus in my book.



Well, if I felt like adding to the money I had already paid for Cinema, plus plug-ins, and the time I’ve spent learning the program, then $500 might be a good deal. I think this should appeal more to people who are just starting in 3d and haven’t dropped any dollars on their software yet or people who actually dislike Cinema and are looking for a reason to switch (traitors!). :slight_smile:

The most tempting thing I can see there is an opportunity to learn the basics of a more-widely sought-after 3d program (is this true?), but then I’d rather go for Maya PLE, watermark or no, because I’m still going to do all my real work in the program I already bought, and Maya skills exceed XSI skills in terms of marketability (not that I’m anything more than a hobbyist).

That said, if I was looking at my first 3d software investment, this would be tempting…



As cashflow has always been my main issue it indeed does sound tempting, but then id have to unlean alot of stuff to be proficient in XSI. Add to that the fact that id need to buy a new monitor(Im still on an OLD 15 incher…lol) to even see what im doing.

I went from Raydream Studio 5.5 to Carrara 1.1 to Carrara Studio 2.1…then finally had the cash to spend on the app that was best for my needs and the friendliest to learn…Cinema 4D XL 6.
After that I loved it so much I leapt to the 8.5 SB and have never looked back…Im a hobbiest/amature… and not a big studio so I dont require any so-called high end applications.

Inspite of a few shortcomings,Cinema 4D remains a champ in my book.


Well, that’s just how things are. But I don’t think I was implying XSI is better than C4D etc. I’m just curious to see what other people think what the recent marketing move from Avid will mean for other 3D software companies.

I for one won’t be replacing C4D with XSI, but rather add XSI to my toolset, merely because I’m interested in the character animation toolset and nodebased material system. And the scripting engine looks very powerful as well.


Sorry, I misread the post, lol. Kids will distract you EVERY time!:rolleyes:


so whats the catch…? 495 seems cheap to me…when the the next one up is a shade under 2000?

definitely aimed at those wanting to get in there i would say…

(i guess we’ll have to see what maxon comes up with at siggraph)


The XSI bus is a fun one to ride, but you rarely see anything come out of it that isn’t a joint collaboration.


yeah im happy with cinema but thats a mighty good price and xsi is no little play app. smart move by avid though. cinema is on the rize and softimage on the decline. Discreets got it made because of all the third part plugs and already huge user base and maya is though of as “the one used in all the movies” so its not going anywhere. I think who will realy get the worst of this are apps like formz and cheaper alternative 3d softs based on lightworks. With a major bigboy in the 3d app stake lowering its proces to that level those guys are going to be starving on the streets. Anyway it will be interesting to see how this rolls out.



3d cad like - apps like formz and rhino cannot be replaced by xsi, maya and so on. they complement this apps.

so xsi is no competitor of rhino or formz, but from cinema, maya or max.

i really see this move is good for us right now, but dangerous for software makers.
i hope they still make enough money to develope the software further in a good tempo.
on the other hand, 3d is growing and will sometime replace or merge with 2d apps, so maybe this is the start of it.

i am really curious what maxon will bring and to which prize. xsi foundation for about 500 is really very, very cheap.



Maxon like all the rest in the market will be affected by this, there is no way they couldn’t be. Softimage is making a seriously aggressive push, by lowering the low-end product(if you can call it that) they are going after market shares in not only film/tv but also the larger market of gaming. It is quite a gamble, but a brilliant one, if they get a strong foothold into companies by a growing userbase, then they will most likely be selling more of their highend packages to studios and small shops as a result. I think Maxon is fine for NOW, as they have establish a good reputation and tools that are still valuable, but I see companies like Newtek losing users, they are already dealing with alot of unhappy customers not willing to upgrade to 8, and with the price of the upgrade the exact same amount as XSI 4 which includes the Production DVD, I don’t know how any LW users other than the hardcore ones can look away. Max will also be affected if gaming companies look to XSI and their animation and game support instead of Max.

Things are going to get really interesting in the coming months. I going to make my order tomorrow.



i wasnt saying it would compete with rhino but when people are looking for a cheap way to get into 3d alot of these smaller apps are not bought as adons but as a main app for beginers. If xsi is out ther for the same price though it will take alot of that market.


I am going to hold off until Maxon reveals the goods! I agree with the comments about all the low range apps like Truespace. Caligari has been lowering their price down steadily over the last 3 months. This will break them. Truespace has some good points, but nowhere near enough to match up with Foundation at this price. You would have to be an idiot to choose a lower app over this deal at this point.


How does XSI compare to Cinema (or even LightWave) for a one-man studio? Is it like Maya in that you really need teams specializing in different areas to complete a sizable production? I don’t know. I’m just asking… Is that what you were getting at InTheCity?

If that is not the case, I may have to grab it while it still comes with the 5 training DVDs. It will just collect dust until I am up to speed with C4D though.

Hmmm… Maybe this would be a good time for Maxon to release CE7+ :wink:


I would take a close look at what is missing from the $495 foundation version before ordering.

I’m not saying I know what isn’t included, just that it may not include things you currently take for granted. Also, if it will be upgradable, service fees and so on.


Yeah, this announcement really will set the cat amongst the pigeons! I can’t see how the lower priced apps (Cararra, Truespace, Hash) will be able to survive with a big gun app like XSI so cheap and the free Blender getting better at a staggering rate. I have been learning Cinema for the last year and love it to death , but considering I could only afford the core package at the time, I must admit I probably would have gone the Softimage route had this offer existed then.

Cinema will continue to be my main app, but that won’t stop me buying the new Foundations…at that price I gotta get it some time. Like everyone else, I am hanging out to see what maxon announce…only hours to go…tic…tic…tic


This would be very tempting but the Rhino-Brazil collaboration has got my full attention right now.


I worked with XSI and I never found it to be something a solo artist couldn’t use. It is like Maya in that there is alot of potential for growth, but it isn’t all that difficult to get up and running, but the advance stuff does take time to learn and master. With the foundation, it won’t the be all of tools like the top end version, but for gaming, character animation, product design, motion graphic and so on it is enough. Heavy need for simulation would be lacking since it doesn’t have Rigid Body or Soft Body Dynamics. No hair solution but the lame-old XSI cloth simulation is there. The particle system in XSI has never been much to write home about, and even with the power of MR 3.3, Storm Tracer + C4D would produce better Volumetrics results and faster than XSI.

It would be interesting to see what Maxon has to offer, and at what price point.