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Hello UK users,

I’m going to London in a week and would like to ask what things I should do from people that live there. I plan on doing the normal site seeing stuff but I would like to ask about the stuff that is not well known or people like me may not hear about.

Thanks Dave

Oh where is Maxon located? do let let people like me come and visit them?


Currently excellent exhibition of Saul Bass - film titles designer - at the Design Museum, on Shad Thames, near south end of Tower Bridge. Can recommend it to anyone interested in motion graphics. (Think film titles of Psycho, Vertigo, Man with the Golden Arm, North by Northwest, Around the world in 80 days etc.)


Maxon are in Bedford, about 40-50mins north of London


On your site seeing travels make sure you stock up with food and drink from a Supermarket as the street traders and stalls selling near or in attractions are very expensive. Also film for the camera if you hav’n’t got a digital one.

If you don’t know about travel cards, enquire, makes travelling around London alot cheaper if your hopping on and off buses and tube trains. Take a Taxi ride if you want to say you’ve been in one, but very expensive otherwise.

Where you coming from by the way?

I heard an american on a TV show say how great the English were, England was full of history, trouble is they’re still living in it !! Cheeky B*****d.

Have fun, enjoy yourself.


Good stuff folks, thanks for the info I will checkout most of this stuff and bring food from a market.


Hi dfaris…good luck in London…it’s a pretty cool city this time of year as the sun is actually out :slight_smile: you need a 1-4 zone travel card for getting around, about a fiver aday and let you jump on any tube or bus and local trains…avoid black cabs as they are now Waaaaaaay over priced and only to be used in an emergency like when you stagger out of a pub and can’t face the Tube home…doing the normal sight seeing is cool and the big parks are nice this time of year if you’ve got the misses in tow…dont forget Hamily’s and the Harrods food hall…convent garden.

There are pubs everyware and can recommend Soho just try and avoid old Compton street if your not gay…very good on a friday as theres a large mix of Londoners around.

Clubbing wise Pasha is the place to be Saturday night near Victoria Station…expensive but nice supper trendy older clubbers…or theres Fabric or the cross at Kings cross which are pretty banging.

Check out: http://www.londontown.com/

Have fun



London will keep you amused for a few centuries :wink:
If you are interested in old steam machines i recommend having a look at the Kew bridge steam museum http://www.kbsm.org/


galleries galleries galleries…OD on these things they are fantastic.


It’s a bit touristy, but the London Eye really is the best view in town on a good day (and we seem to finally be having a few!) and it has the added bonus of the Salvador Dali gallery next door if you like your art melted :slight_smile: At one time you could book tickets online and beat the queues.

In general lunchtime meals are more cost effective if you hit almost any of the many pubs all over town. Most will tend to stop serving food at around 2 even if they stay open for drinks.


that dali exhibition is v cool…i went to that awhile ago…his sculpture is mindboggling…not keen on some of his other stuff…but the sculpture is just fantastic.

wanted to go see hopper exhibition…but think i’ve missed that or lichenstein also…pity.


Great stuff,

I Have printed out all this info and will look into the travel stuff for sure. I’m on my way at 7:00pm EST Tuesday. I thank you folks for the information. Anymore stuff I should be able to check out till the afternoon.

Thanks again


british museum is pretty cool…i guess it depends just how much stuff you can take…

There is so much stuff its just a drop in the ocean listing stuff…there is most things…there are loads of cool oldie buildings you can go and look around…just pack as much as you can in there bud…then comeback and do it all over again…anything you missed the first time.



Depends what you like doing, but you could cross Westminster Bridge (next to the Houses of Parliament+Big Ben), walk along the South bank of the Thames after going on
the London Eye,(checking out the Dali, and Saatchi Galleries too), via the Festival Hall ( excellent 1950’s Festival of Britain Architecture), the Hayward Gallery and the National Theatre (60’s/70’s Brutalist Concrete).
Get the best (ground level!)view of London from Waterloo Bridge, where, looking North East to the City of London, you will see 350 years of Architecture from St Pauls Cathedral to the new ‘Gherkin’ (Swiss Re Building).
Carry on along the south bank to the Tate Modern art gallery (essential), and then past the new pod-like London Assembly to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Take a southern loop along Butlers Wharf to the Design Museum, then back to Tower Pier to get the Boat down the Thames to Greenwich, where you can see the Observatory+ Meridian Line, and get some excellent and cheap noodles at the Chinese Noodle bar on the corner by the Cutty Sark ( an old Tea Clipper in dry dock). Cross the Thames from Greenwich in Brunel’s ancient underground foot tunnel, and catch the Docklands Light Railwayback to Tower Gateway. Go to St. Katherine’s Dock nearby and look at the yachts.

If you’re young enough, and have serious amounts of metal in your face, you’ll also enjoy Camden Lock Market on a Sunday morning.
You also can do weird things like discover the old surgical museum, with it’s public viewing gallery, near Guy’s hospital at London Bridge, or try to get into the Old Bailey to see a criminal trial, or visit the underground London Silver Vaults, but that might be a bit specialised!

There are also organised Walks with various themes that any Tourist Office should know about. Walking round the old parts of the City of London at weekends when it’s almost deserted is fascinating - I also love the Barbican, a kind 60’s ideal development of offices, apartment towers and Cultural centre with Theatre,Cinema, and Galleries in a concrete retro style built around gardens and pools. Also the Museum of London nearby is worth a visit.

Depending on where you’re staying, Londoners generally go out more locally, leaving the Centre for tourists especially at weekends - unless you’re seeing a new movie, or need to go to a famous restaurant, or something. If you’re North of the river, Islington or Hampstead are busy places at night with a lot of places to eat and arthouse cinemas etc, Richmond in the South West is also very pleasant.
Of course if you want some Heavy clubbing, or have to be seen in ultra-hip Bars rubbing shoulders with celebrities - I’ll leave that to others to fill you in !

Have fun.

Looks like the summer’s finally arrived too.



Great stuff guys I cant thank you enough.

I will be in Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-on-Avon (Warwick) from Aug 4th to Aug 8th

Then I Travel to London, to the Crown Plaza London St. James near Victoria Station and
will be there from Aug 9th to Aug 14th

Oh one last thing what is the norm for tipping like for taxis and restaurants ect ect?

Thanks again for all the good tips.



I wouldn’t worry about tipping too much…never tip black cabs, just take your money and leave unless he’s nice and gives you lots of info…restaurants tip them 10-15% but check the recipt to see if service is included if it is then say cheeky buggers and don’t tip a penny…other than that tip your barber a pound :thumbsup: thats it don’t tip anyone else except maybe the hotel porter if he’s friendly.


The restaurant thing is particularly relevant. When the scumbags put 12.5% on the bill ,that conveniently does not show up on the credit card slip, but there is a separate line on there for gratuities!! You aren’t obliged to tip at all if the service has been particularly bad, cross it off the bill if you’re not happy…seethe, snarl. Usual stuff really :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah, (it’s probably too late now) …don’t forget to bring an umbrella.
I was wrong about summer being here - it’s gone again.



blink and you’ll miss it! heh heh.


One of the best things I did was take a unplanned walk through London with my in-laws when they were here. We got to see loads of interestings shops, buildings and places one would normally not see.


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