OT: OSX App for Capturing DVD Clips?


Is there such a thing as an app that can capture stills from a DVD? An OSX app at that? I recently bought one of the Animal Motion Show DVDs and it would be very helpful if I could capture some of the stills from the clips to use as animation reference.


SnapzProX www.ambrosiasw.com


Screen Record: http://www.miennetwork.com/software/screenrecord.html


Can’t VLC and mplayer do this?
Think I can remember capping some stills from a DVD under linux using Mplayer.
Oh,wait…No I don’t…seeing as playing DVDs under linux is illegal :slight_smile:
Anyways,I think both these apps should be able to do what you need,
and I think they’re both available for OSX…


Thanks, guys. I’ll check those out…


Couldn’t you just take a screenshot and crop it in Pshop if needed? I did this on a project once… put QT player into presentation mode… space bar to stop and play and screenshot what I needed.



Well, it’s not a QT movie, it’s a DVD played in the DVD player. The OS doesn’t seem to recognize the DVD images when trying the screen shot scenario.


Doh… you’re right. Hmm… there still might be a way, though I might be thinking of OS9. Will try and track it down.


VLC will do the job. used it for my own research.


Well, I downloaded the demo for SnapzProX and it did the job. I was able to capture footage from a DVD as Quicktime, then I exported sequecnce as images from QT and I’m going to bring them into Photoshop, resize them and use them as background referencing for animation.

Or, just bring the QT movie in Cinema as a background…not sure if I can do that, though…

Thanks for all the info…


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