OT (Illustrator Question) Gradient color sticks problem.


Hi all,

I only recently bought Illustrator 10, I switched from another program.

Every time I select and edit a gradient from the swatch palette, I can’t seem to get rid of it anymore. It remains “fixed” in the active color swatch in the tool palette, and also in the “gradient” palette. (So when I choose another color, the gradient remains my active fill color)

I tried to search the manual and the net, but … no luck.

Anyone else got this ?


Check your appearance pallete. there’s a triangle-like flyout menu on there. make sure that “New art has basic appearance” is checked.

Hope this helps…


I tried your suggestion, thanks for your help. It didn’t work, but I am on to it what it is.

If I drop a gradient swatch on the “gradient” palette, and double click on one of the colors of the gradients (you know the pointers with whom you can chose the colors for the gradient), I get directed to the “color” palette. After that the gradient remains stuck as my active fill color.

(allthough I can choose a different fill color, the gradient is what remains visible)

Weird huh ? As if I entered some gradient-editing mode with no (visible) button to get out of it.


Have you tried editing it in the gradient pallete? Wich is next to the stroke tab.


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