OT: How did you end up at cgtalk?


So how did you end up here? What where you looking for? Did one of your cg friends tell you this was a cool place and you’d be visiting daily?

I ended up here when searching for articles to read. It was the Shaoling Soccer article then I started browsing the site and do so regularly.

Whats your little story?





I must be getting old, I can’t remember how I ended up here :smiley:


I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.


Ate some bad fruit. Been here ever since.


Leigh wooed me. :love:


I’m a victim of viral marketing.


Someone had posted a print of one of Stahlberg’s girls (this one) at school with what used to be CGChannel/CGTalk’s URL written in pen underneath. I lurked for awhile (just awestruck) before I got the nerve to start posting up my drawings.


Thought that person with the black cloak and the sythe looked odd…

been here ever since.


Found it on google while searching for info on animation schools. Then I checked out some of the gallery boards, out of curiosity.
A quick glimpse, and I got the idea that I might learn something more from this site. :wink:


Yep me too actually. I was searchin some universitees especially Teesside when i came across a thread from cgtalk. Now that thread has become one big information for future teeside students! rest is history really…


I can’t remember !!! but it was when it was part of CGhannel…

I don’t post much but i visit this forum every day…




Same here, I think.


A classmate of me was browsing on cgtalk in class. I watched him go through some of the wip forums. 3D education on that school was not of a good standard. I still decided to specialize in 3D on that school because i could now learn lots of things from cgtalk.:thumbsup:


I’ve been lurking here for a long time, I used to drool over the galleries back when CGTalk was still a part of CGChannel. I just recently created this account so i could finally start posting, but this community has already helped me a lot.


yup. cgchannel used to link to cgtalk.


I was doing some contests and posting on other forums…and Fredrik Hultqvist (Apt Pupil) told me about the cool challenges over here; that’s how I got trapped :deal:


i wrote an email to “meats mier” (think thats how you spell it, meats if its not, im sorry) asking how he got into 3d and the medium as a whole, he ended up pointing me in this direction towards cgtalk, and been here ever since :wink: cheers meats! ( still in lurking mode …sorta )



CG Channel too… a long time ago, when that site was a nice place to visit :smiley:


I found out about CGtalk through friends I went to school with at Full Sail. This site was great for inspiration during labs when I was lacking ideas. This place would rock if it wasn’t for all the nerds. :thumbsup: