OT- Great Movie



Just got back from this movie…it’s a must see…all I can say is…Holy S**T…this movie Rox!


yup, ive seen it in japanese (Sen to Chihiro) and its great.

cant beat Nausicaa from the same studio though…

studio ghibli are anime gods, family movies for adults…


I’d like to add my recommendation. I’m envious that Proton got to see it on the big screen, here in the UK there’s no news about a theatrical release (I believe Pathe have the UK distribution rights?)

I recently got the Spirited Away R2 DVD from Japan which has English subtitles but no English dub (It does have a French dub, but I tend to prefer subs anyway).

It’s an excellent movie, very imaginative and incredibly well animated, with some subtle and effective use of CGI. I’d also recommend pretty much anything done by the same director; Hayao Miyazaki, or the other Studio Ghibili movies.

The R2 release includes a second disk with a version of the movie that allows you to toggle to the storyboards as the soundtrack plays.

If you’re thinking of getting the Japanes R2 DVD of Spirited Away you might want to check into the red tint “controversy” (search Google). My take on it; there is a pronounced red tint when viewed on my Mitsubishi monitor, but it’s correctable with the DVD software. On my JVC TV the tint is much less noticable, and can be fixed by setting the TV tint to “cool”. In other words, the red tint is there, but not bad enought to warrant not buying the disk.



If you guys find a copy of My Neighbor Tutoro on DVD I would be up for a trade…I’ve looked but have not found it yet…I love that movie!


Are you looking for an english dubbed version or an english subtitled version of Totoro on dvd?
There are plenty of chinese dvd’s of the Ghibli studio work on ebay but aren’t quite legit as far as I can tell.


I viewed Spirited Away last weekend. Lots of eye candy. Some elements of the film are a bit of a departure/new approach for Miyazaki.

I’m looking forward to the dvd release of Laputa which if I recall correctly is slated for this month. Too bad disney backed down from a theatrical rerelease of it.


Totoro is out in Region 2, a fully legit Japanease release, including the English dub (I think it’s the dub that Disney did - could be wrong about that). This is in the same 2 disk format as the other R2 Ghibili movies. Disk 1 is the feature with Japanese or English audio, and English Subs. Disk 2 has the movie/storyboard toggle I mentioned earler but with only Japanese audio.

I got mine from CDJapan:

They’re pretty fast at shipping overseas. Outside of Europe (or Japan) you’ll need a region free DVD player of course, or something like DVD genie (region resetter) and a region free DVD ROM to watch it on your PC.

Laputa is also out in R2 (got it last week), English audio on this one as well.

The DVD menus are all Japanese, but easy enough to work out…



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Sorry for thread crapping, I couldn’t resist. I did check out the Spirited Away trailer - it does look beautiful!


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Back to the thread topic – noticed that this is playing at 2 theaters close to me.

Might just have to check it out.


I wish it would come to Sweden, not sure about it thogh…Looks really cool.


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Sen to chihiro no kamikakushi is truly an excellent movie, I dare say it’s the best movie I’ve seen this year.
I recommend watching it in japanese with subtitles instead of english dubbed though.
Proud to say I’ve seen most / almost all of the Ghibli movies and they’re all very good. Especially the older ones, where all the animation was made by hand. It has a ‘touch’ that computers can’t reproduce.

Proton, if you’re looking for a dubbed version of Totoro, Fox is releasing a region 1 DVD on 3rd of December. It only has the english dubbed version.

Check out the following url for all the legit available releases: