OT: Fear and Lurking II & RTFMs


hello people just a bit of fun and probably very of topic.

A while ago i posted a thread called Fear and Lurking on cgtalk giving lurkers the chance to come out from the shadows so to speak and get involved with a great bunch of people on here.
But recently i’ve noticed lots of looks and less participation on here…
so this is for all you lurkers out there…sign up and pop us a message…let us know a bit about yourself, your interests…what experience you have or don’t have…whichever we are fine with.

its all good and just a bit of fun to get involved with…we don’t bite don’t worry.

my second very OT subject is excuses for not reading the manuals and not getting an RTFM statement thrown at you…all in good humour please. What brought me to this idea was vagabonddead’s thread where he mentioned not having the manual as it was in another country! LOL… it was actually serious…but just seemed funny to me at the time.
so if you have any good reasons for not reading or for reading your manual then let rip.

my dog ate it
it fell apart
its being used to keep up structural elements on my latest archvis project!
whatever we want to know.

the older fear and lurking in las vegas thread for those interested.

anyways…thanks for your time and please take up my offer to join in on this forum…you won’t regret it for a minute…i never did anyways.


He he… I regret having turned into a bit of a lurker lately - and my activities in this particular forum has mainly resulted in views but not a lot of posts for the last few months. I will amend this as soon as I can get my manual out of my dog’s mouth :cool:


cheers james…well you got a good excuse bud…working on the machineflesh challenge.


bad excuse really - it ended over a month ago! But thanks for trying :smiley:


aarhh well i tried at least…heh heh.
btw any chance you can check whats on the xpresso pages of the manual for me…unfortunately i threw up on mine…i wonder what maxon would say to me requesting another manual? why do you want a new one then…oooh well it smells of sick and the pages are stuck together with carrot chunks…almost sounds like a machineflesh entry in itself…but alas i guess youre as stuck as i am with that section as the poor doggie shredded it.

other famous excuses for not reading the manuals (clipped from homework excuses sorry couldn’t resist).

  1. I figured I’d learned everything I could about existentialism from last night’s episode of Dawson’s Creek.

  2. Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in kindergarten

  3. A radiation leak from our microwave mutated my c4d manual, and the manual escaped into our backyard and totally consumed Buttons, our prize Shar-Pei. My c4d manual ate my dog!

  4. My cat had an identity crisis and ate it!

  5. My lawyer is advising me to say, “No comment,” regarding the whereabouts of my alleged c4d manual at this point in time.

  6. I’m still translating it from Klingon

  7. Some guy in line for Phantom Menace made an origami pod racer out of it.

  8. Well, like, y’know, I stayed at Billy’s last night, and, like, of course we did our read the c4d manual first, y’know, and then we like, took a ride in his Daddy’s new Lexus, and then, like, the c4d manual had to, like, still be at his house, which is in like, a very cool part of town, but anyways after the movie, and then after we, like, left Wendy’s house, oh she’s so cute, anyway we then like… Hey, that’s not fair! I haven’t, like, finished telling you what happened yet!

  9. I have unresolved issues, reclusive tendencies, cannot relate to authority, and besides, it violates my constitutional rights

  10. According to the ancient art of feng shui, my desk was creating a negative energy space… so I ditched it.

  11. I plead the 5th

  12. Well, as hard as it may be to believe, I was abducted by aliens last night. True! At the time, I was doing reading my c4d manual, and so I brought it with me when they took me on their space ship, and well, I must have left it there by mistake! Everything happened so suddenly! Oh and this morning, Agent Scully and Agent Mulder from the X-Files came to my house this morning to interview me, so I didn’t get round to re-reading it! Sooorreeeh!

  13. I’m sorry! I woke up this morning and I had lost my memory. What is your name again? Where am I? Who are you? Who Am I?

  14. You know the movie the Exorcist? Well, my scissors are possessed, and at midnight last night, they jumped out of my pencil case and started cutting up my c4d manual! I tried to stop them, but they just went crazy, and tried to attack me! Look, I’ve got a little cut on my pinky finger to prove it - see?

  15. See, I went on a boat with my neighbor and we couldn’t steer very well, and it got really windy and we got stranded on a desert island, and ewww, we had to eat bugs and everything, until the coast guard came and picked us up! I didn’t get back until this morning!

  16. I’m sorry. I am allergic to the chemicals in paper. It’s a medical fact!

  17. I couldn’t read it, because a group of penguins visited my house claiming they were going to take over the world


more excuses for not reading the manual:

  1. It is more than the weight my hands can bare.

  2. It does not stay open, everytime I try to keep it open it just snaps back at me.

  3. I have “manualreadaphobia”

  4. I can’t bare to see it cause my wife throws at me all the time if I work on C4D too long.

I guess that’s it for now :smiley:

  1. I’m a pencil necked geek and don’t work out so I can’t lift the manual.

  2. I tried to read it, but it put me to sleep, causing me to bang my head on the desk giving me a concussion which resulted in memory loss which caused me to forget all I read in the manual. **English teachers don’t believe this one … LOL **


I would come out and introduce myself but I am too busy trying to learn Cinema without the manual, you see the manual is holding up my monitor at the correct height and is too much trouble to get out from under there.


about lurking: have you, native english speakers think that it can be difficult, some times, for a non native english speaker to make himself clear? i’d like to post more but althou i can understand almost all you are saying, my spelling is the worst kind and in many cases i lost a lot of time trying to write with words (i think) i know how to spell and sometimes i giveup posting.

  1. I built my house out of the manuals, so it’s way too much effort walking about just to find out something when I can just post here and sit around waiting for an answer.

iladi: Your english seems fine to me. The funny thing is, I notice, those who have better english skills apologize often, and those with horrible english/spelling almost never do. If you are having problems with particular phrases, type your message in both languages.


the funny thing is that i don’t think there is another cinema coutry-man on the forum. i did not find any even in local forums :smiley:


my dog ate it
This actually (almost) happened to me, believe it or not. I had just purchased Cinema 4D XL and had the manuals by my bed. At about the same time we had gotten a puppy and puppies like to chew on everything, from shoes to electrical cords. They also like manuals, and one day I walked into the bedroom just to find the puppy happily chewing away on the manual. Had I come in 10 minutes later he would probably have ripped it to pieces :slight_smile:



Come one, come all…!


I read quite a few message boards and there are lots of folks that don’t speak english that well. The thing is…I don’t care. Seriously. I fully understand. It’s no big deal. As long as communication is taking place who cares if the grammar is not correct or words are misspelled.

I actually find it cool to be able to communicate at all with people in other countries and that speak other lanuguages. I’m sure most everyone feels the same way.



Hello Everyone,

Okay, okay I’ll stop lurking. I am trying to get past the 10 post rule for attachments. That way I can share some of my work with C4D. But until then I will keep posting randomly about subjects that are of interest, like this one. Lost, stolen, destroyed manuals can easily be replaced by visiting www.maxon.net -> Support -> Documentation. They have everything for 8.5 posted right there in PDF format. Looking at the size of the files is a clue to the weight of the information! No excuses! Now watch, I’ll get flamed in the future when I ask a question that is burried in some corner of the manuals. :slight_smile: LOL


thanks guys for responding…some very humourous ones also.

just want to say…about the lingua-lurkers out there…this is not really as big an issue as you might expect…there is usually someone who can translate or help out in someway…and screenshots etc always help in a visual arena like this…so hopefully its a barrier thats we can overcome…so you really have no excuse not to participate and you’ll in reality get far more out by joining into discussions than sitting on the sidelines…(no one minds if you just drop a note at the bottom that youre not that fluent in english its fine…or just post in your language)

i’ve not seen any lurkers with quick intros yet…so come on people drop us a line and get yourself in the thick of it…no one will/should judge your ability either written abilities or artistic abilities…we all learn from the experiences you bring which keeps the creative process fresh imho as always of course.

anyways keep those manual stories coming…enjoying it.:applause:


Hey all. PHATandy here.

well id thought id post so u guys no im around. im not really a lurker but just a newbie (excellent suff here btw. Alot of u guys r extremly talented).

Well im 15, im pretty talented at normal art but lately ive been getting away from just playing PC games, and ive been making maps and lately trying my hand at some CG artwork.

HereS some of my work, im very new so dont expect anything too special. Been reading Computer arts magazine, some of the stuff is techniques shown in the tuts.

http://www.deviantart.com/view/9507146/ - cartoon style pic.

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/9475086/ - 2 more traditional art style paintings.

1 more Q?.. ive always wandered what kind of programs u use (for 2D work), do u all use tht painter program and a graphics tablet. or like me just a good old mouse, scanner and PhotoShop. And when u do, are there special techniques you do for all the stuff or is it a long winded job of doing everything pixel by pixel.

Thx all, great forums, PHATandy.


YES…hello…todays star prize goes to Jkirk01 for coming out of his shell…welcome to cgtalk bud…enjoy yourself and glad you popped in to say hello.
the moderated posting initially is a bit annoying but well worth it to prevent trolls and spam from nutters! heh heh…so stick with it bud.


heh heh…bit of a delay for moderation of post but nevertheless.
as todays star prize was given out…i’m afraid all we can give you is da silver medal…but at least its some bling for ya…
i like the boat at sea image…nice.

pencil…scanner…photoshop…wacom…but i have got an old copy of painter…was thinking about updating it actually…but might actually go for zb2 as i think i’ll use it more.

anyways…welcome to cgtalk…enjoy yourself.:thumbsup:


I sorta-kinda introduced myself (in a round about way maybe?) a couple of weeks ago. But I am in lurk mode now. UPS just delivered my studio bundle last night
BUT I am under heavy deadline for another week or so… Can’t wait to participate more soon though :smiley: I look forward to checking in on this board more than any of my other regular stops:thumbsup: