OT: ever get depressed?


i dont know what the heck im doing anymore.
what do you people do when you’re feeling down?


Originally posted by UserDelta
i dont know what the heck im doing anymore.
what do you people do when you’re feeling down?

Play inspiring upbeat music.

Gets me goin’ in the morning too.


the nearest noodie bar wipes all my problems away :thumbsup:


Get away from the computer. Stop focussing on your work, don’t try to hard. Just take a break for a while, get out, hang out with friends, do anything other then sitting behond your computer. That works for me. Good luck!




Try to do something new. Something you havent done before, or maybe not in a long time. I was feeling a bit down some months ago, couldn’t quite get any inspiration -> no modelling. So i started working out (havent done so i 10 years), and a few weeks ago i started golfing. Also spending time with good, old friends is great. And look at me now… i havent modelled in quite a few months, but now im really inspired by the new cgtalk-challange, so here we go again… im back on track and better than ever…

Don’t know if this helps, but it did for me…

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Sleep more. Watch some good, funny movies. Take some time to think about what’s important. That’s it.


Do something nice for someone in need.
Works for me every time.


Girls! girls! girls!!:bounce: :bounce: :drool: :thumbsup:

(ok they sometimes can cause some headache however!!)

turn off your PC, man.

also, when u create something, ever
try to do other things in your spare time, very different. u do some serious sci- fi model or something? then watch or read something very different! cartoons for example!
being focused all the time in one task, make your creativity down
and makes u sometimes unable to see what’s wrong!!


Well is this serious (like clinical depression) or just artistic block?

Distraction is a good thing, I for one recommend, lots of movies, lots of game playing.

Your probably feeling like this, because you haven’t taken a break.

Treat yourself to one, if it gets serious, see a doctor, or just PM me if you are feeling blue.


Grab your girlfriend and try out some new kamasutra positions . Youll see, its very relaxative.
Or alternatively some meditation or a massage.
It`s important that you do something completely different as usual in order to assimilate the positive energy flow
No kidding, after stocking up on some energy, just commute it into pure inspiration and motivation.


thanks for all the suggestions guys :slight_smile:

music has helped me before.
i usually get depressed a few times a year.
off and on all the time, i get very unmotivated
i could be working on something really nice and just get so tired of it and leave it for weeks.
i’d go out, but i’m broke. hehe
i dont have a job, and this depression is just keeping me from doing anything.
gf? im in love with a girl thousands of miles away in a different country so it sorta doesnt help.

just sucks eh? but i feel like im whining. heh


I write down my plans and goals. I put them into possible, discrete, workable steps, envisioning how they’re going to be amazing when I’m finished. Everything is goal oriented. I work it through the steps shown by time tested methods for success. Visualization, realization, understanding that we all are connected on a basic level and have the same drives, dreams, and needs.

Then I drink heavily, masturbate, and go to bed.


im in love with a girl thousands of miles away in a different country so it sorta doesnt help. hehe.

Leigh’s still saving herself for Vigo?



yes, everytime i watch my todd grimes DVDs and see how fast he works and how slow i am i get depressed :cry:. then i close PowerDVD and i feel good again :cool:.

im in love with a girl thousands of miles away in a different country so it sorta doesnt help. hehe.

a girl you met on yahoo or msn ;)? save up for a plane ticket and go see her!



if only i drank. sleeping too much already, not having that energy i need.


If it is lack of success that keeps you down, remember the following…

One of the things that is useful to me (other than music) is to try not to become overwhelmed by a task. Break it down and remember, a mountain isnt climbed all at once, but if you keep taking steps your likely to get to the top some day.

Dont rely on only yourself. We live in a dynamic world in which many of us are in a position to aid others, and be aided when we need it. Learn to network and welcome help when it is available.

Thats why we make societies in part… so that we can all benefit from the the idea that the group is more than the sum of its parts.

Examine success and emulate it. perhaps in time you can improve upon it as well.

Keeping these things in mind and realizing that you have a better shot this way than to go it alone, may allow you to focus on taking the steps to benefit from this knowlege. It is humbling and empowering at the same time. Perhaps seeing the potential you can be inspired to find renewed strength…

And walk a few miles every day. Gets the blood pumping.


The depression is not a bad thing, most good artist do get depressed. And actually, the depression is the start of a new creative cycle; you will get your best work done creatively on the upswing of a depression cycle, ( as opposed to the down cycle or the plateau in the middle )

The thing most fear in depression is that they are wasting time and that they don’t know what to do with themselves and that it is bad. If you get it in your head that the down mood actually helps your creativity in the long run, you don’t fear it as much.

Some of the greatest artist that ever lived were depressive or bi-polar… in this disorder lies the mechanisms for creative genius


In love with a gf 1000 miles away

eeeekkkkk!!! been there, done that, forget it!

Get out and get laid. No one can blame you for being a man with needs just like no one can blame woman for having needs. Love is bane, especially if you’ve been married for a long time like me, almost 9 years. Get out and get with someone new and fresh. You’ll find life very satisfying and when you come back to your comp, you’ll feel a sense of rejuvenation.


Painting my mammoth green

Get some sleep, watch one of these stupid “we don’t know about any problems” Hollywood movies with no story :blush: , eat something I really like (I once made a lobster):drool: or just open a really good bottle of Bordeaux or Chianti.:love:

You could also visit this fun forum !!! :thumbsup:


I guess thats life. i try to take one step at a time in the right direction, its just moving slower then id like. still young but feeling older every day.

i am manic depressive(bi-polar) been that way since highschool or longer, i hear we dont live that long. hehe eh.

Jonathan, i tried that but it doesnt work for me. :slight_smile: this girl is meaningful to me, so i wont hesitate to leave this world for hers. just need to be able to.

robinson, i visit this forum too much :smiley: haha