OT: Daz3D's Hexagon bugfix


As there are a few of us that use Hexagon from time to time, some news here: the Daz3D guys have finally announced that they are starting to work on a bugfix release for Hexagon 2.5.x. Their idea is to do a bughunt cycle first, and later go for a 2.6 release which would include an Universal Binary for Mac users.


They have a bug track webpage here: https://bugs.daz3d.com/main_page.php
You can register and log in to check if any bug you have encountered is already annotated there or, if not, make an entry regarding it.

(Hexagon is a nice but neglected inexpensive polygonal modeler with SDS as its primary toolset, complemented with a NURBS-like surfacing one plus construction history. Sort of a poor man’s Modo with some real nice CADish thingies added. I hope Daz3D gets it back on track)


I’m surprised, what is it, close to two years since the last release? with no activity in between. I had really high hopes for the program, then got sick of waiting for all the bugs and workarounds to be sorted out. But then I’m still using EIM so I should be used to it.
Jaundiced edge of cynicism creeping in there.
I should just get on with learning Modo, Maya, 3D Max, Softimage, Rhino, MOI etc. All the programs that I don’t like working with as much but which seem to have enough money and commitment behind them to run smoothly.


IMHO, modo have some nice tools, but except the last addition (I think of the presets and other nice things in 401), Hexagon have a richer toolset than modo. The only main difference is that modo can be heavily customized, while it’s allmost not possible with Hexagon. I’m speaking only of the modeling aspect, not the other parts of modo :slight_smile:

Sorry for the offtopic :slight_smile:


I would like to check this out. Wasn’t it free?


Hexagon has a $149 price tag, but sometimes Daz3D does some circuitous offers (say, making it $29 for “Platinum users” for a month, so one goes Platinum for a few dollars, purchases the app and deactivates Platinum’s monthly renewal).

Hexagon’s main showstopper is that, on OS X Leopard, the app’s 3d scene navigation and manipulation tools become unresponsive after doing any data entry in the side panels (unless one invokes a secondary 3D view window to work within). One has to quit the app and restart it to keep working.


HI Juan,
WHat diffrence do you find compared to EIM, i have found EIM very useful when it comes to making nice knives cuts and beveling to export to other app, but the thing is that it lacks of export formats, i want to keep the Ngons but it doesnt suport Ngons as MOI. Are the knives tools and beveling a bit easier or less complex than in EIM?


That´s what i did long time ago with the 2.2 vers. However i was surprised today that i found a 2.5 serial in my DAZ account for free, while they are offering updates (1,2) for 49 USD or 29 USD for Platinum Club members…



It’s difficult to compare. Being EIM what it is, when its knives and booleans work they are a joy and the results are perfect. In Hex they seem quite easy and robust. One has to take into account things such as Construction History and Subdivision, though, as one can be booleaning an active SubD cage, or being able to modify a “live” substracting object, etc. Also, Hexagon ultimately is a poly modeler. The surface tools do not quite match the results of its older NURBS sibling, AMAPI, or EIM, in things such as ruled surfaces (they don’t interpolate curvature the way a true NURBS-based modeler would), but they come in handy.

Beveling is interactive: several of Hexagon’s tools work so: you can be increasing or decreasing size and steps while adding or substracting edges to the beveling operation, until you are satisfied and then confirm the op.

As I am a SubD novice, I find its SubD toolset very approachable and easy to use. One thing I like a lot is being able to show the base cage and edit it instead of the smoothed object, while observing the results. In Modo and Silo it seems you either see and edit the cage or see and edit the smoothed object (probably it can be done. I have played with the demos a bit only, so I don’t know). I also like the way the app autodetects what I am trying to select (vertex, line, face) and how all SubD tools are sort of “drag just what you want” instead of “apply
Boom!, there you have your biggie extrusion, now adjust it”.

Of course, it hasn’t the incredible flexibility of Modo’s tools, at all.

Yo can download a demo of Hexagon from here: http://www.daz3d.com/i/support/downloads?product=hexagon&_m=d

There’s a manual here, which can give you a fairly good idea of its capabilities. It includes little Quicktime movies showing how most of the tools work. http://documentation.daz3d.com/hexagon/tutorials/HexagonManualUS_Web.pdf

(for some reason they didn’t include one with the latest versions of the app, it being rewritten or something like that. This one has a few minor inconsistencies with Hex 2.5).

I think they give point updates for free. At least, all 2.0 to 2.x were so.

I really hope Daz gets its act together and solves the issues with this little gem of an app, as its neglect is criminal.


About that manual: I think the videos in the PDF are downloaded on demand, but I am not sure. This web page has links to different combinations of the manuals and the videos.



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