OT: Can you help me out with an image?



I’m just working on composite image for the 3D Total Maxon contest and I have a problem with the background image. I only have an ultra-cheap digital cam, so the background photo looks really bad. Actually so bad, that it ruins the whole work I’m creating. The problem is that I can’t afford a decent cam and all my friend who have better cams are on a holiday. So I’m looking for someone who can just take a photo which has much better quality, but it’s similar to mine (matching perspective, just a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse pad and nothing else). Please help me out if you can. Thank you!

Here is the link to the WIP forum with the image I’m talking about:



can’t help ya bud…sorry i only got a 2meg digital camera…but like the idea you did.
good luck with it.:thumbsup:


Yeah, mine is a 2.1 Megapixel cam too. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but in this case C4D’s renderer is simply too good, easily surpasses the reality of the photo. I always knew I should have learned Maya instead:)
Anyway, thanks for keeping this thread in the upper region:)


I love the concept. It looks great.

To be honest I’ve spent to much time today ranting about pricing today and now I’ve got work to do so I’ll pop back tomorrow if thats not too late to see if I can help. I’ve got a Canon A80 which I think is about 3 maybe 4 Megapixels. I’ll have to clean up a bit to get the shot. Where would I email it to if I can get it sorted ?

good luck with it, as I said love the concept, is it yours ?



Thank you, and yes the concept is mine. The Canon A80 is a good machine (especially compared to mine), I’ve used such a machine several times. I think it would be perfect for this purpose. The deadline of the competition is on the 21th August so you don’t have to hurry. Thx!:bounce:


Hi alanmac! Did you manage to take the photo? Only a few days are left from the competition and I still don’t have a decent background photo:(

Or if not you, then can anyone else help me?


Trying to do it now but having problems with file transfer from camera.


Hi supremacy

Give me an address to send them to. Hope they are okay. Have not got a blue mouse mat I’m afraid but you could change colours in Photoshop etc. Won’t be upset if you don’t think they are right or good enough. Pleased to help if I can.

Five images each at about 1.5 mb. I have a fast connection but worried about you. Can send smaller, half the size if need be.


Like the image. If i were you, I would fit the gfx to the image rather than the other way round. You will still need to do some post work on the 3d stuff anyway. Put up your final image when you are done.


I might be inclined to agree with fxgogo.

Maybe a quickly slightly blurred shot with the cat running and looking back holding the ball? I guess that would involve more rigging than you might already have but could lead to an interesting image.
Maybe a tripdich (sp) where you enter the room, cat see’s you , then runs away. ?
I don’t mind the fuzzy quality at all since it is a humorous life shot.


Hi! If you have MSN or ICQ you can send it directly to me. I’m afraid my mailbox allows only 2 megabytes…

MSN: turorudi888@hotmail.com
ICQ: 63228516

And thank you for your help! You are very kind.


You are certainly right about this, but many people said that the photo is bad. So I have a fear that it just ruins the whole composition. The photo is part of the “artwork”:eek: too. But who knows…I think I’ll post both pics, I don’t think they would disqualify me for this.



sent you an email. Tried to send one image, first at 1.5 mb then a reduction to about 600K but they both get failure message to your hotmail address. Any suggestions?


It has arrived:) This picture is really good, it will fit fine. It’s very clear.

Here is an alternativa mail address, I think the limit here is about 6 megs, so you can try the bigger images too.



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