OT, astronauts photos from xinhua agency


Oh, what a fraud about that.

The xinhua agency (the chinese government official press) released the two astronauts photos, which currently taking missions outside space for china… Do you see something wrong?

They “wear” the same astronauts suit, the difference is their faces, and one of the badges a bit different.

You can do an experiement by putting them into the photoshop and toggle the transparency levels.

How a news agency present such photos for news? So obvious that it is hand-made and edited.

Is the whole space mission a fraud?


I don’t know why, but I find this to be completely hilarious! I love the second guys hair! So perfect… not a hair out of place… HAHA!


Let me explain more,

I got these two pics from HK RTHK website, www.rthk.org.hk

And they claimed that the photos are from the xinhua agency…

Don’t make me laugh…



That’s absolutely hilarious.


Open it with Firefox tabs and jump one from another.
At least they took time to edit the intermediate… how is called? marking?
hilarious indeed


hehe, nice one.

But not all pics are edited :slight_smile:


what do you expect from a state run news agency? haha


Man… I just can’t beleive it’s true! I can’t beleive they stated it’s actual photographs… I’m no expert in photoshop and I can do better. It’s sad to see this in 2005. :surprised


Just believe me, I won’t spent time to make a hoax.


Just hilarious!


Wow what a crappy PS hack-job.


It’s a huge chinise goverment hoax against their own people… so freakin’ sad.


Dick Ma

I think these are they connatural modus operandi~~sad sad:sad: But we can’t alter any
PS:aaaaa ~~~~~I am so happy ~~~~~~~:bounce: :bounce: ~~:love: :love: ~~~~
Here are some photos about astronauts

Jun long Fei (费俊龙):wink:



information and photo from:http://vnews.avl.com.cn

hai sheng Nie (聂海胜)


Pretty sad that they would spend billions on a space program, only to undermine the whole effort with such an obvious forgery. Hilarious though.


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