OS X port released


Well it sure took a long time but the osX port of A:M 10.5 is finally out.

Get it Here OSX 10.3.4 and a QuartzExtreme capable graphics card are required.

This is a landmark release and Randy@hash really busted his hump to get this port up and running. I have been rigging in the beta’s for a few revisions now and must say that it’s fantastic to have the App that I love actually running natively on the OS that I love :slight_smile:

So mac users go get it, and join me in giving three cheers for Randy.

As hash promised the osX port is locked to the 2003 subscription CD so you don’t have to upgrade to get the goods, but with the release of 10.5 11.X can’t be too far behind so you might want to consider that (i myself am holding out for the v11 port.)

You should be aware not all plug-ins are ported yet, but they should be coming soon. So if there is a texture you can’t live without you might want to send a note to randy letting him know so he can prioritize the plug-ins.

-David Rogers


OOo cool.

A few years late but its cool that they got it right.

Have you done any benchmarks?


Mostly i’ve been just happy that it’s done :), it takes a lot in the way of a video card, and the UI can eat up resources. but I haven’t sat down to do any serious benchmarks (i honestly expect more optimizations to the code even though this is at least as fast as any mac version to date and in bones mode significantly improved.) For a fair benchmark I think randy should be allowed to take it past rev 0 :slight_smile:

I’ll fire up toys tomorrow when I have some spare time and see how it rates.



Rev 1 is out, looks like Randy got most if not all of the plugins ported. You can get it here

Happy hashing,


Just downloaded rev 2 and things are looking better and better!

All materials are in now and the bit I’ve played with it, NO CRASH!

  • patrick j. clarke


The OS X port of A:M is incredible!!

Many thanks to Randy Croucher for his amazing work in porting a program as complicated as A:M to a new OS.

Way to go Randy . . . You the MAN!!

Greg Rostami


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