orthographic to perspective view


Hi people,

I’m looking for a gentle camera animation between a perspective and orthographic view. Is there a way to do that inside Maya or do I have to do post-processing in order to achieve this “effect” ???

Thanks in advance




I dont know is this the best way but you can keyframe the focal length attribute
like from 3 to 3000.
then you have to also animate the camera position to keep the object in place…


I think you should be able to get something very close. An orthographic camera is very much like a camera infinitely far away with an infinite focal length. So a very distant camera with a very high zoom, with a little film offset and film translation( to kill unwanted perspective), should be close to orthographic. With a “little” math linking the focal length to the distance from object, to keep it same size in frame, should produce an effect of ortho to perspective animation.

hope this helps

ps I remember a thread here on cgtalk about this in the last year a half. Somebody posted a cool animation of the Escher waterfall going in and out of perspective, The above explanation is my memory of the solution. If somebody has a link to the thread (I did a search to no avail) please post it.

edit: Kojala posted before I finnished mine:)


Thanks for the fast answer!!!

I just had to animate the (in my case) y-axis and the focal lenght and match the graphs in the graph-editor and the frame didn’t moved!

As long as the camera isn’t moving this works perfect! But unfortunately the camera is rotating, so when the camera starts translating in y direction I don’t have any control on what is seen in the frame… but then I just connected a camera-aim and now it should work properly.

thank you guys! :slight_smile:


BTW 3ds Max has a “zolly” type control that adjusts dolly and zoom simultaneously… it’s called “Perspective.” It should be easy to implement that sort of thing in Maya using Set Driven Key or expressions.


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