Orthographic Drawings - 2D TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL Drawings For 3D Modeling



Thanks for posting this! :slight_smile: Indeed, this is the right spot for it. :slight_smile:

I will try to jimmy up a review soon…in the meantime, enjoy some healthy snacks, like our new thread, Evocative Figure / Landscape - ANY MEDIUM, which is already enjoying some great posts! :slight_smile:



i saw that new thread, awesome stuff…next to character modeling, I also love making environments



Had the chance to review the side view of the head so far…hope this helps! :slight_smile:

[left]Laterally, the ear should fall in about the middle of the head, and should align with the brow and base of the nose. Children as a rule have rounder features, so it’s best to just try to exaggerate the roundness to the point of ridiculousness til things start to look about right. :slight_smile: Think CIRCLES. It’s easy to forget how large the back of the skull is, so I would recommend giving more mass to the head in the back.

I would also just recommend googling pictures of children and using photo reference to check your proportions and to study anatomical details, like the ear. Resources abound, so I would just start a file for things like ears, eyes, etc. on your computer. These will come in handy! :slight_smile:

~These are just suggestions. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:



These are very good suggestions. there is not much to change except what you suggested. The back of the head will be fixed later on…I just ran out of space when I was making this head…hopefully the front of the head will be a litle more forgiving…

I will redraw the side profile and extend the back


here are some updates…



The update looks good ~ particularly the back of the head and the facial features. However, I still think that you need to look at references for ears ~ if necessary, trace one to get a good sense of what should go on there.

 Also, would you mind scaling your images down a bit? :) They are a bit largish, and I usually ask folks to keep their posted work to a 600 pixel width x proportional pixel length. Thanks! :)
 It's no biggie, I'm just a stickler about having to scroll. ;)

As for the body, I’ll try getting to that soon. Look at Amy_517’s new drawing ~ tho she has drawn a girl, the proportions are very similar to your drawing of a boy.

Thanks for posting this! Google some ears, and post a (600 pix. width) drawing of the head with a more articulated ear. I still think you could add a bit more mass to the top of the head. Also, the angle from the nose to the lips to the chin is usually more slanted ~ the nose being the furthest away from the face, the lips being closer to the face, the chin even closer ~ forming a 15~30 degree angle. Right now, these features are more or less in a straight line, which is unusual.

As for the front view, I think that the child needs more forehead ~ the eyes typically fall in the MIDDLE of the face ~ tho this is unintuitive, it is so. Right now, the eyes are in the upper 1/3 of the face.

Try adding more to the top of the head so that the eyes are really in the middle (lenghtwise). I’ll try to have your review soon. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, draw ears from several different positions ~ try JUST drawing ears, as you will need this practice if you are to model the ear correctly. You will have to understand the ear eventually, and you don’t want to wait to figure it out when you are actually modeling your character. :slight_smile:



all right, that is cool… the ears are merely placeholders for the 3D version, which I already have a stock copy of them. I took the top of the head one row down so her forehead wasn;t so big…maybe I should put it back the way it was. Thank god for grid paper… :slight_smile:

next time I will scale the pic down…



Lol, good luck! It’s tough to get facial proportions right…one thing I would suggest doing to get better at it is to take photographs of people from Google or from magazines or whatever and TRACE them ~ you will learn a lot that way, I guarantee it! :slight_smile:



I will def look into it…I also used Loomis’ book to draw heads and stuff, could I just bring the forehead forward…?



I think bringing the forehead forward will help, but it is still short. Take a look at a photograph of a person from a dead~on side view. Now, granted, people are nothing if not variable, but your average person’s eyes fall in the middle of the face, and yours are still a bit high ~ but it totally depends on the look you are after. And, these are just suggestions. :slight_smile:

Bring the forehead forward, however, will do nothing to affect the line of the nose~mouth~chin ~ I would still recommend angling them back. But, it’s totally up to you. :slight_smile:




'K, here is my review for the child’s body:

original drawing

suggested change

[left]I think you’re definitely on the right track here ~ the main thing is to lengthen the hands and feet a bit, and to thicken the arms. I would also suggest using curves which are offset (not perfectly parallel, as in your original legs) ~ this helps to give movement and life to your figure.

For an in~depth lesson on Opposing Curves, which I feel is a key Drawing concept, check out my REBECCA KIMMEL’S Anatomy Review 002: OPPOSING CURVES thread ~ I think this will really help you. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: Thanks for being patient. :wink:



Thanks a lot…I think it is great I was very close to a good result…I will check out the Opposing Curves Thread…it looks interesting



No prob! :slight_smile: You’re right, you just need to tweak and refine your drawings to get them there. Good luck! :slight_smile:



Hey everyone, here is an update on “Paula” with some hair roughed in. Please do not mind the ears for I am using a photograph in the modeling process to make them, I got the inspiration from a hair style that I saw…

Please feel free to give critique.



I think that these are looking pretty good. :slight_smile: The top drawing looks however as though she has a strange indentation where the part of her hair falls…remember that her entire skull must be represented before adding hair. :slight_smile:

I am really liking the side view, as there is something of a ‘Greek’ sculptural look to the roundness of her head…I still think there could be more mass at the back of the skull, but that is up to you.

I think these are looking very good ~ now, to ask you ~ what do you think could be improved?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I am really wanting to add more mass to the hair, and that dent was supposed to be a part in the hair, (which was a bitch to draw, as well as the headband). I also want to try and improve the ears a little as well in the future drawings…I will fix the hair a bit, since I have never drawn hair in Ortho.

I am also afraid that she may look too adult in the face area…I mean Paula is 5 years old



Have you thought about joining us in the

BEGINNERS’ Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - With Stipick_S

[left]? Forgive me if you’ve already joined in and I’ve forgotten, but I think this would be quite a useful Workshop for you if you have the time…many people of all levels are doing it, and I think are getting quite a lot out of it. I can send you materials if you need time to order the book.

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Hey rebecca, I will be sure to order the book, I can probably find at my local library. A friend of mine told me that Paula looks like a teenager, do you think she does? ANd if so, what could I possibly change to make her look 5 years old…

Kashif R.


Hey fellow Artists.

This is a new drawing that I put together Saturday night, after doing a little bit of study on the female anatomy. This is another chracter that is going to the anatagonist in my short film to the little girl (that I posted here previously). I did make use of the Artist’s Female Model just as a source of motivation, and looked at pictures of nude women to get things correct. She will also be used in a separate project all her own.

For her clothing, I am trying to find references of clothing for a Cherokee Indian, and drawing them to the best of my ability. I have never drawn cloth wrinkles so this should be a great exercise. But I don’t want to go overboard on the wrinkles since I will using the drawing as a Rotoscope in XSI.

A few notes on the character: I did not want the breasts to be a focus on the character so I decided against them being too big and strayed away the best I could from the clichè “Barbie-doll” physique. At first it was tough to get the basic structure the way I wanted it, so a few attempts were made. I arrived at this one. I chose to make her 7 heads nude, and 7.5 heads in case she wears boots with heels.

I have a few more sketches of her in ortho (still being refined), with different physiques, yes even with a huge breast version to fit the “voluptuousness” of the character (not really an intent of mine, just for fun)

I have now added the back of her…trying to get some musculature in the back as well

Feel free to offer critique and advice.


Kashif R.



Hey there, probably won’t get a chance to look at your drawing til late tonight (work / school) but good to see you back, and thanks for posting. Interesting to hear about your project, as well! :thumbsup: