Orthographic Drawings - 2D TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL Drawings For 3D Modeling




Please post your best ORTHODGRAPHIC DRAWINGS here!

[b][u]Please post:

[/u][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:




I moved your posts to your original thread because it makes sense to keep all of the posts related to your thread together. Hope you don’t mind :).

Everything related to your drawing is in your original thread:

Concept for 3D (woman yes)…Need Pointers I Guess…

Thank you! :slight_smile: Sorry for any confusion!



No not at all, but I was under the impression that in order for others to also learn you’d want it in this one :D. Well thanks again for the time you put in. :slight_smile:


Yep, you’ve got a good point there ~ I’m trying to decide which way is best ~ I want to keep things as organized as possible, but we’ll see if this works out ~ if not, I’ll just put everything back in the Orthographic Drawings thread, meh!

Good luck with your piece :slight_smile:



I hope I put this in the right place. These were the image planes I created for my first ever character model in Alias MAYA. It is General Guan Gong, famous Chinese military hero from the 3 Kingdoms period.

Time - Around 2 hours per drawing, (give or take tea brakes, TV, etc.)
Medium - Good old pencil.




Incredible work! I love how intricate these drawings are, I can well see why they would take two hours each to create! You should show the 3D model you created on the 3D Artists thread, that would be cool to compare your beautiful drawings with the final result. Excellent work, thanks for posting these! :slight_smile:



only two hours? :banghead:


Yeah man, but I didn’t have a stop clock on me so it might have been slightly longer.:smiley: I was pushed for time in the end, (I needed to present them,) so I didn’t totally go to town on them. I think 6 hours for all three drawings is about right. I did them all in 1 day.


This was done for a Neverwinter Nights mod, though it was never modelled. I’m thinking of modelling it just for fun.


i have been wanting to contribute to this forum and it seems I have found my chance, :slight_smile:

here are some orthographic drawings for a self portrait / demon character that i am working on at the moment. I have already done quite a bit of the modeling, and have changed some things. I am heavily concentrating on anatomy with this model though, as I don’t plan to have him wear any clothes (though he will have some fur), and I want to get much better with anatomy in both my 2d and 3d…

anyway the 3d WIP can be found in the game art forum here ( http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=263786 ), I am keeping him fairly low poly for now and I plan on doing a high-res mesh (first in max, then possibly taking a venture into zbrush) for a normal map.

So anyway, any anatomical critique on my 2d or 3d (even though the 2d is already outdated) would be appreciated. I know I have lots of mistakes :D, and any fixes now in my low poly will certainly help out before i move onto high poly.

thanks guys, the 2d and 3d in this anatomy forum has been great so far, i do a lot of browsing and have learned a lot just from reading everyones stuff here!



Good to see you here, thanks for posting your work! :slight_smile: It’s easier for me to do reviews at home, I’ll take a crack at your drawing sometime soon :slight_smile: ~ in the meantime, I hope any of you out there feel free to jump in and offer some advice!

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Thanks for your email Rebecca, posting in here as requested. :thumbsup:

These are very early reference sketches for a model I have yet to build. Critique on the proportions very very welcome, especially the arms and legs. (yes, her tummy really does look like that… poor little noob :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance for any help.




Good to see your post! I’ll try to critique this sometime soon. :slight_smile:




Figured I wouldn’t be able to do these at work tomorrow, so here goes a little review: :slight_smile:

[left]I would say that the main thing is just to refine the drawing ~ the feet need to fall a bit further to allow for the ankle, there needs to be more of a round shape to the head (particularly for a child), and the hands need to be a bit extended, to allow for wrists.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the changes, Rebecca - especially on the arms, which are pretty much guesswork as she wouldn’t stand still for the photos :slight_smile: I think I’m going to keep the legs quite short, though, as she is only 3 and they are still pretty out of proportion to her body. She looks older in your version because of the more correct proportions. Really looking forward to modelling this one, so I want to get the drawings nailed as quickly as possible (without letting them be too rubbish obviously :slight_smile: )

Thanks again




Here’s my reworking of the drawings - in the end I did make the legs a bit longer :slight_smile:
Her head was giving me problems, but I’ve already modelled this bit from photos so I’ll get going on her body I think, and maybe redo it later.

Thanks in advance for any comments.




Oh, wow, just saw this! I think this cleaned up drawing looks much, much better, and the new picture from above the arms is just great! Great job on cleaning up the linework ~ the face, particularly from the front view, is just miles better. From the side view, I think the ear could be a bit smaller and lowered fractionally on the head ~ it will align with the brow and the base of the nose, so keep that in mind in terms of guidelines for its placement.

One thing I notice is that the profile of her face is a bit mature ~ I would soften her features, perhaps giving her a bit more of a blunt nose and rounder features.

Great job, and I hope to see your finished model as well! :thumbsup:



Thank you Rebecca :slight_smile:

Her face matches the ref pics exactly, but now I’m looking at her in the flesh I agree it’s totally wrong around the profile. Weird how photos do that sometimes.

I’ve started the modelling and if I’m feeling brave enough I’ll soon start a thread in the 3D WIP. Watch my sig for details :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help



Hi Amy
Don’t know what your budget is but I think you would like an artist called Patrick Woodroffe. One of his books is called “Hallellujah Anyway” Here is one of the pictures in it, “The Mystery of Flight”.

(Book is available at Alibris.com for 12.20, used)
Link to some of his other books

Reminded me of yours. He has a grat imagination and uses children alot in his creations. Great stuff. He is pre-3D but on the verge of it just like you. He uses photos and combines them with real objects and also his illustrations and paintings. Some real magic happening in his stuff especially considering it is pre computer. Don’t know much about 3D myself but think you will be able to learn alot from this guy if you buy the book I mentioned. It’s great I haven’t picked it up in a few years I had forgotten how beautiful his stuff is. And wow he never lost that child like imagination that seems to fade in most of us. He sees magic in everything just like children do. If you check his stuff out I am sure you will love it and learn alot from it.
Take Care


Hey Rebecca,

Here is one of my drawings for a child drawing that I working on. I always draw adults but I want to give drawing a child a try…in this drawing, I left out the face because I wanted the body to have attention. Every time I attempt a kid drawing, the proportions end up adult…irritating.

I will add the head sketch here as well of this kid (i did not add hair for that can be decided in a different sketch). I have not drawn in a while so I am getting into the foray again. Any advice or corrections would be very helpful since this kid will become a 3D model…

I have been using an Artist’s Model as assistance…too bad they do not have something like that for kids.