Orphans of the Sky., Ekarat Abhiratvorakul (3D)


Title: Orphans of the Sky.
Name: Ekarat Abhiratvorakul
Country: Thailand
Software: Photoshop, Strata 3D Pro

This image was part of a CG Challenge. The original picture was from the British Natural History Museum the brief is visualize what it will look like 1,000 years in the future.
I went for the ice age look as that part of the globe was covered in ice a long time ago so it might happen again in the future.
The Mech was model textured and render in Strata3d and composite in Photoshop.

To view production ‘step-by-step’ please link to : http://www.colorzync.com/cgchallenge.html


The background sky and lighting is very dynamic/dramatic!


oh mate…that is just fantastic. Really exellent work. The mood of the piece is what really does it for me. GOOD WORK :thumbsup:


i like the ice so much. very good picture


ownage, that is awesome, 5 star!


This image rocks, lots of details. the snow/ice at the front looks too real… nice job!:thumbsup:


hey nice image, i love the entire looking, but the snow looks a bit too much 2D for this gread picture.

The Mesh is very cool :thumbsup:


Wow that thing looks absolutely amazing… great ice effect and phantastic mood!
I love the overall look and the broken building…keep it up! 4*


Stunning work. The backdrop is awesome and really adds character to the mech.


Wow! Nice work, i like lighting and textures! :thumbsup:


really “cool” image. :slight_smile:


Yes, cool image. I love the way you did the snow and ice. Great job


i was almost gonna sound like a fan boy and say “simple amazing”, but i do have one ?/crit.

if you look at the center of the picture…to me it almost seems like there are two images.
the left side you have what appears to be a modeled building with your mech, and on the right side you have a photo… the right side seems almost too dark and a little “flat” a little more attention to this area and …

all in all…top notch work
be proud






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