Orion 5 Rapid Response., chris skinner (3D)


Title: Orion 5 Rapid Response.
Name: chris skinner
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Blender, Photoshop

Since the invention of space travel Humans have slowly ventured out amongst the stars colonising planets as they go. This scene is set on Orion 5, a fairly large planet mostly made up of desert landscapes. Orion 5 Rapid Response units were set up to be first on the scene for people in need of help. These large cruisers are equipped to carry medical supplies and equipment at high speeds across the desert plains.

I decided that I wanted to keep my vehicle ‘human’ in design and hopefully create something fairly grounded in reality that might been seen in the not too distant future. Created using Blender 2.49 and Photoshop. There’s bit of a wip thread here if anyone is interested http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=186554


It’s nice that you put so much into the environment - the vehicle is such a great concept, and to see it in its own world really gives it more weight. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up in the blender.org gallery.


Thanks for the nice comments Hettinger!


Interesting render!
I like the thin line between realism and cartoon in this piece.
It feels good to see that blender is capable for these professional type of work.


I really liked it this models,well done mate!


great concept and execution!


I love the vivid colouring and style of the renders especially the first one, the vehicle concept is pretty nice also. The only misgiving I have is maybe the scaling of the people is a bit too small.


Thanks for all the comments guys! pokoy, you’ve got some awesome vehicle work in your portfolio.

@ seanser - Yeah the scale of the vehicle is intentional, I wanted this to be big yet still look fast and purposeful. Here’s a wip image of how the doors would open which might help with the sense of scale

And a couple of concept sketches for anyone who might be interested.

From the sketches you can see that I originally planned for this to be bigger.


amazing car:)


wow, i love the concept , and the feel of your renders , i think for me its one of the few concept cars that is just exciting to watch , and you wish it was real so you could take it for a spin , awesome :wip: :applause:


On such a terrain I think the wheels are spread apart too far. This would high center on burms all the time. I Love the design and renders though.


This is better than the first 5 places :shrug:
But I personally like your second sketches more, with the vertical lines in front, instead of horizontal. It looks heavier.


Thanks for the comments guys!

@ ICD - I would have loved to have placed or got an honourable mention, but hey I’ll try harder with the next competition if I enter it. Looking back at the sketches I think I see what you mean about the lines, it does give it more sense of weight. I think during the design process I started to lean more towards a feeling of speed.


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