Original work--Super Baozi


Hi, My name was Haipeng Sun. My two short films also say hello to everyoen here.Super Baozi, the leading role tired of being in Catering, is longing for developing in Recreation.I hope Super Baozi give you some fun.

These are the links.

Dragon Fist-Background music from Dragon Fist, Jay Chou

Super Baozi vs Sushi man-In honor of Bruce Lee


some stills.

Hope you like it.

Dragon Fist:


Super Baozi vs Sushi man


some photo




amazing work, love it ,


Hahah very cool :slight_smile:

Rendering/shading is great. Animation is nice too! Not sure what the song in the first video was, but the whole film was well put together. Loved the subtle character details like the guitar playing pushing his hat back, and the sushi’s rice dropping out the bottom when he shits himself :smiley:


kickass!!loved it.btw, it reminded me of ‘killer bean’. and i mean that as a compliment


fantastic - very funny:)


:thumbsup:Amazing Job! Loved it! :thumbsup:


I love it!
Bauchi, Very good and very awesome!


cool :smiley:
and good techically


Awesome… very very well done. great job. love it.:beer:


Great work, loved the fighting one!!! :beer:


cool stuff man. I like the guy jamming out on the air guitar and having to keep adjust his hat. this stuff is full of great gags and great animation.


wonderful! i like it!keep going on, man!


keep on, man!


Thanks guys!:smiley: what I want is to make you laugh at watching this video.


that was great, especially the lighting/shading


ha ha nice!


Super Baozi vs Sushi man

Perfect emotion! Very good expresiv!

Can you show rigg?

How long you work?