Original Game: Enilno


I’m a member of the Enilno team, and we are searching for a lowpoly modeler and a texture artist. We do have

modelers who are capable of doing certain things, but none that can create the more complex parts, like humans and animals.
The textures are our weakest point, we do have some world textures (like grass and dirt) but we have noone that can create good object textures.
I am willing to learn unwrapping models if we can find noone with the skill to do so, but as I would start out as a beginner in that field, it would be good if

either the texturer and/or the modeler could do it.

The game we are making is a single-player midevial RPG game, a remake of one of the classic Ultima games, Ultima 2 to be more specific. We are not

going to use the same story though, we are completely rewriting the story. Anyone who know about Ultima 2 may know that its story contains things like

time travel and space travel, we are not going to add those elements as they are quite confusing and not really fitting in to the other Ultima games.

As the game will be released as freeware, there is no payment involved except the experience.

To see about our progress and read some more about the game, please visit http://www.myran.com/enilno

If you are interested to join, either reply here, send me a PM or email me at myran@myran.com


Not many views… guess most people skip this section.
Anyway, bumb


you should seriously switch to a more powerful engine

try torque (modified tribes 2 engine) @ www.garagegames.com

its $100 per programmer but thats damn cheap (compared to $250 000 for QUAKE III :p) - you’ll get all the engine source code and all the tools and the community is really supportive.


Why do you say that? Our engine is still in the works and nowhere near done.
And even though $100 is very cheap, it is money we cannot pay for making a freeware game.


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