Original game: A Post-apocalyptic western


Lo-fi Games is a small team working on a violent post-apocalyptic RPG called Gunners.

We need an artist who can take on a number of jobs, most importantly we need a concept artist to actually design the entire game visually, you will be relatively free to design and experiment with the art however you please, with a few rules as guidance. On top of that we ideally need someone who can do character skins, textures, gui, modelling etc.

The game is set in a post apocalyptic desert world - sand, rocks and wasteland, Mad Max style, with scattered towns and settlements. Travellers, traders and gangs drift from town to town, searching fortune and violence. Characters are combat-hardened, veterans, armed to the teeth and dressed in ragged war-torn clothes.

The player custom builds his own team of characters,- class, look, skills, and travels the world often fighting battles for the sole purpose of survival. 20-30 freelance professions to choose from, hundreds of weapons and items, buildings and fortifications to aquire, and the possibility of boats and vehicles. The game will be dynamic and non-linear, rather than being linear and plot-based.
The game structure will be original in most respects, avoiding the diablo-styled D&D cliches.

This is an anime(ish) game. Characters will be anime based, although not to extremes, while levels will be contrastingly photo-realistic.

We are a small independant company, so this is not a paying job, just the usual indie developer way of royalty shares. All we can offer is the opportunity to design your own world, and have it made into a game.

You must be devoted if you decide to join, as a concept artist most of the team will be waiting around for your work, so dont give up working after the first 2 months, and if you do, please tell us. This is a serious project, we intend to go commercial. Preferably over 18’s.

The game is in tech-demo phase, a lot of work has gone into coding for a long time, but the graphics are still cheap place-holders. We also have a design document.

For more game information:


If you are interested, contact me at contact@dustgunners.com
ICQ 148714403


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