Organizing Saved Shader Networks


I’ve been dealing alot with having to use the same shading networks in completely different scenes. I may be missing something, but can’t seem to find a good solution for sharing just the shaders between multiple scenes. I’ve never used the Shader Library (mainly because I don’t have it). To my understanding, that is simply an added library of shaders you can purchase that has preset materials? I’m not exactly sure. I looked through all of the Maya books I have, and there is no real mention of the shader library.

The main question is: What is the best way to share shaders, and how is this done.?

I know this seems like a very elementary question, but I haven’t found a great solution. And are there better ways to install the shaders so they load every time maya starts? I’ve only added two or three shaders, but had to dig through all the mel and remake it. Then I saved it to the shelf and created an icon for it. That took quite some time though, mostly because I was new to mel.

I’d like to hear how you all deal with using the same shading networks over your different machines, scenes, ect…


When I want to reuse a shader I just go to the scene where it’s saved then delete all geometries and other stuff and save. In the new scene I import the saved scene and the shader will be within the others in the Hypershade.


You don’t even have to do that. You can just select the base material in the shading network and in the Hypershade, Export with or without network. Then you can export it wherever you want. I keep all my shaders organized in subdirectories of what they are, wood, metal, effects etc.


I know you can save the entire scene, but that just seems annoying to be blunt. I’d be suprised if there wasn’t a more efficient way to do it.

about saving the entire network:
I assume that works similar to duplicate>entire shading network.
For some reason I can’t get that to work properly. I’ve tried selecting all of the different nodes, but the mental ray shaders don’t seem to come with properly. Also, some of the settings change when I save them, like irridescence.

I appreciate the posts, but I think there has to be a better way somewhere out there.


I’m not sure really what the problem is since if you select the Shading Group node (if you have custom mr shaders attached to the SG) and go to File -> Export Selected Network in the hypsershade, it exports it out just fine and includes all of the mental ray nodes and settings.


Sorry, I sent twice. maia


Just today I became aware, that all shaders, I had saved before, doesn’t open properly in hypershade, I have a warning of lost files and so it is. :banghead:
Dragging a hole scene in a new scene loads the shaders too, but there is so much for deleting. That is ennoying. When downloading from the internet, there are integrated sometimes a lot of objects, and I have to delete them, others just load the nodes for a shader.
What exactly have I to chose, when exporting selected shading network? I am working in Maya 6.
I am very happy to have met this discussionround.



I must have been blind, you wrote, what I became aware now, that I have to choose Shader Group for exporting. :lightbulb
It’s working for Mr too.


A bit strange is, I get, when loading the saved shader, a warning; but everything is okay in the shader.


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