Organic Goo/Strings - best way?


(Using 3dsmax 9)

Hey there :wink: I need to make a sort of alien looking environment (room, corridors etc) with “goo” and strings from the ceiling to the floor, and goo should be all over the floor aswell. What would be the best way to achieve this? The “goo” or, the slime, yeah, slime is a good word, need to be like it came from the ceiling but over the days it kinda slowly made it’s way towards the floor and spread out there…maybe the goo stained/hardened also. I was thinking just start with a 4X4 small plane and chamfer the centerpoint, and start to extrude edges downwards, until i reach the floor, and then extrude ON the floor, and try to make more and more slimy strings, going back and forth (ceiling>floor>floor>ceiling) and up against the walls. This is VERY organic, hence my post, as I haven’t done anything like this, although I think I got a clue.

Let me know if it’s unclear, and I’ll try to explain better. I’ll try to find a reference image also, if possible.

PS: At work now and can’t test it, but is there a way of making the goo stuck to the ceiling, and have reactor softbodies on the mesh, and make it…sort of get that “hanging” look…Hmmm…Have to try it out.

Thanks in advance / Tobey


I know you’re using 3ds, which I am not very familure with. However, Maya has paint effects (Which I’m not sure if they are in 3ds) which have some things like what you’re looking for. You could possibly use the paint effects in Maya, and export it as an OBJ and bring it into 3ds. Not sure, but just a suggestion.

Outside of that, it sounds like just extrude modeling would be the easiest thing to do to achive the effect.
If this is for a game, or still render, you could make them planes with nice textures (including alpha/norm/spec mapping). Normal maps can do some amazing things.


blob mesh

Use this with a ffd box.

then use a raytrace mat that looks slimmy.

as you move your blob mesh through the ffd box ( slim on celling, ffd mid level (adjusting the control points to shape your slime) then on the bottom I would use the melt modifier.


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