Ordinary Particle Systems + Path Follow + Collision


I wonder if it is possible to avoid the collision of let’s say Blizzard particles with any 3d object, while it’s moving on a path through Path Follow space warp?

Collision and bouncing or a field around the deflecting object that pushes particles is also ok.


I think you can only achieve it with pf source


you mean you WANT the collision right ? if you want to AVOID the collision, well hey don’t setup any colliders…done…go to pub, drink lots of beer.


I find ordinary particles easier to deal with, but I had to use particle flow anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a molecule that moves inside a vein and other blood particles moving past it. (Particles were moving with Path Follow) I just didn’t want the particles to pass through the molecule. Collision and bouncing or moving around the molecule would be acceptable, but I could find no other spacewarp that could digress the particles upon proximity or collision.

Particle Flow did the job just fine even with Path Follow.:+1:t3: