Ordered my "upgrade" parts... Can anyone recommend a good scanner?


WEll, after agonizing over it this morning, I decided to plunk down about $300 for a system upgrade rather than blow a grand on another system.
Here is my system before:
2 x PIII 750 Slot 1
512 MB PC133 RAM (running at PC100 due to mobo limitations)
Geforce3Ti200 w/broken fan
(misc: 52x cdrw/ 52x cdrom/ 9gig and 80gig ATA100 drives)

I just completed my order at Newegg.com for:
MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 128 meg (dual head + svhs out, woohoo!)
512 Megs RAM from Crucial.com (bring up to system max of 1 gig).

I hope this tides me over for awhile. I may go for the “softquadro” thing, but maybe I’ll just wait and see how I like the performance “stock”. I’m not a big believer in messing with hardware and drivers, excepting the time when I ran my celerons in SMP mode on the same mobo. (Supermicro P6DBE)

Today on the way home I"m picking up a big folding table and going to buld a nice “monitor stand” setup to save some space.

I’m now looking for a decent scanner for my drawings, can anyone recommend anything for the less than $150 mark?



I like Microtek. Their scan quality is OK even for entry-level and their software doesn’t look like it was written for a 5-year old. You won’t be embarassed using them in professional environment. I’d look at Scanmaker 4800 and 4900 models.

I hate Umax with a vengeance for many reasons.

Macworld seems to like Epsons a lot, but I haven’t used them myself.


Epson 1650 or 1660. They have an extremely high HARDWARE DPI rating, and the capability of scanning 48 bit in hardware.

I’ve used a variety of scanner types and find the epsons to be generally the best bang for the buck.

I haven’t been too impressed with microtek or umax, but once again, these are just personal opinions.


Any feedback on their software? I would appreciate a screenshot of their software in the “expert” or “advanced” or whatever they call it mode. One of our problems with entry-level scanners is that the interface is just unacceptable. Like “Scan to email” or “Scan to printer” options, rather than clear file size in MB, ppi, scale, color mode, descreen and all the regular options.


Page 15 out of 103 has a picture of the Old version 4 Advanced rollout.

The pdf also goes into the features available.

Their up to version 5.7.X right now. We use the 1640, 1650, and 1660 at work. I have a 1640 myself but its not currently hooked up right now. (I don’t tend to need a scanner very often).

If you want a capture of the newer twain, I’ll have to go setup the scanner.


Is it all there is on the screen? Is it their normal software you would get from Photoshop for instance or just the basic twain module? It’s not bad, cause most of the info seems to be there, which is not always the case, but a bit too basic.


Each tab pops up other windows. Thats why I sent the pdf, so you could see all the submenu choices for each of the buttons/tabs.


Originally posted by PlanetMongo

I’m now looking for a decent scanner for my drawings, can anyone recommend anything for the less than $150 mark?

Thanks! [/B]

i have a canon scanner myself. if you’re looking for a scanner for occasional scanning and portability, this one is probably the one you want to get:


i have the same exact model, only i paid $99 for it. it’s only $79 now. for $79 you get 1200x2400 48 bit color scanning in a package that is totally protable. also, it draws power from the usb connection so you don’t have to lug around a power brick. the scan quality is very good. i haven’t noticed any color shifts at all with my scans. the only down side is that since it is usb and usb powered, the scans can take some time depending on what resolution you are scanning at.

hope that helps!


OK, so here’s why I like Microtek. Look at page 80 of 222. I think it’s pretty damn good for a cheap-ass scanner.


for Macs see page 75 of this:

Now that i think of it a client of mine has a decent HP scanner, but I don’t remember the model. Personally i have an old cheap Agfa that’s absolutely horrible.


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