Orch grunt, Jukka Tahtinen (3D)


Title: Orch grunt
Name: Jukka Tahtinen
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, Maya, mental ray

Here is a character i been working on my spare time…
base modeled in Maya, dislacement Mudbox and finaly rendered in Max with Mentalray and Skin fast shader.


well done !:applause:



I love it! good work! :slight_smile:


Different orc wich is good can u show normal,displacement map Thanks!!


well done dude… nice textures… :applause:


Nice texture and render!:cool:


My gosh ,i feel this character man. very nice work.
Looks like a vetran of war,he has a very subtle but intemidating look.
Perfect texturing and modeling man.
nice man.


He’s brutal :smiley: I love it!


very good mighty angry grunt cool job I like materials and skin is perfect


What a “lovely” orc it is. Technical data, please? Like wireframes, textures, etc.

What I like it the most, that it’s not an orc from WoW (I do really hate Blizzard style orcs).

Extremeley good, so 5* from me.


The face is very good, the rest also for sure, great work !


Great work, I like the subtle hairs :slight_smile:


Wow, relly nice skin shader and hair! Just love that!

Kul med duktiga artister från sverige btw! Jag strävar efter eran nivå där uppe på toppen!


Very nice charakter… There si great work with the skin texture and shader, specially on the head and the body. The expression in the face is awsome…

As for some small critique, I thing that the texture on the amror is too simple and you may imagine it more interesting and maybe the texture on the legs could be more dirty…

Anyway this some powerful charakter and very well done. Great work!:thumbsup:


extremly believeable character
we see a lot of “monsters” in here, that look scarry and are done with big skills, but sometimes lack the feeling of beeing real. with your ork you get the impression to have a real man with a real background.


Thanks all for the nice comments !

j3st3r - thanks alot ! realy dig your Fauna !
there has been wow orchs around latley, so i realy tried not to make another… and one with some fat under the skin… dont know if i succeeded or not, but i tryed :slight_smile:

sltrOlsson - wow thanks !!
but im no where near the top! Men tack ändå - värmer :slight_smile:

A-TOM - Thanks !
yes your are right, the armor and feet could have used more work… damn feet si hard to do !! defenetley dirt would been nice… but just wanted to finish this one of…

mimo8- thanks !

here is some more pictures:


Nice bro, finally you got it done :slight_smile:

exellent work -



You finished it! I like it a lot, but I’ve already told you that. :slight_smile: Hadn’t seen the weapon before, I like the soft handle. Great job!

On to the next one!


Wow! Great Work Man! :bowdown:


Excellent work ! really fleshy and realistic character, with a grumpy attitude :slight_smile: