Orc, William Elliott (3D)


Title: Orc
Name: William Elliott
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max

My first attempt at a character in 3d. This was actually just a test render that I quite liked so I have worked it up to a more finished state. I still want to add a lot more to this guy. Z brush, Max, Mental ray and some photoshop was used to create this piece.


aaah nice work :slight_smile: i like it. Was expecting another car render when i got the notification :stuck_out_tongue: It kinda reminds me of the peon orcs in warcraft :smiley: I always thought they were quite the character.


verry nice lighting


looks nice


relly very good work i like it the modeling by this face is very good olor but i think the eyes he is look like the human not like the Animals ok

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments guys.

simyevil: I agree about the eyes, they do look very human. I think I will play some different ideas for the final piece. Thanks.


wooow !!! …

fantastic :slight_smile: … 5 stars from me …*****


Cool Rim… love the guys look


Great stuff man, very good lighting!

GrtZ, Tim


Has a striking identical look to my ‘Snoggle’ character…very nice.


nice first character, keep it up.



You’re well on your way in 3D, then. My first character is so embarrassing I’d probably never show it. This is fantastic. The caricature and expression on his face are really well done, and I love the sculpting details in this. Very nice.


nice work William :cool:


Awesome style mate. I love it, fantastic.


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