Orc head model WIP


need something to ZBrush on, so I started this one yesterday afternoon while discussing changes with a client.


The modeling looks great but I would criticize the design. It looks more like a goblin than an orc. I realize different artists have different interpretations of things. But there are certain features that people will immediately recognize and associate with orcs, facial features that will differentiate an “orc” from a “goblin”.

For an orc, I would make the chin and jaw bone bigger and stronger. The cheek bone and muscle could be a little smaller and less defined. The top of the skull, and towards the back of the head, make it a little smaller - suggesting of a smaller brain - and I don’t mean to mock the intelligence of an orc. And perhaps make the eyes a little smaller, the ears pointing a little more upwards rather than towards the back of the head.


Sorry, double post.


thanks for your crit!!
I don’t know shit about goblins and virtually nothing about orcs, so you’ll have to guide me through here :smiley:

good tip with the skull size, he really looks meaner now! Sized down the ears too.


I’m sure your teeth are temporary, but I would suggest you make the teeth mangled, and rotten; not just sharp fangs…I think the nose is a little too big, it may be intresting to see the nose without cartilage, whiddled down to the bone.

To build upon Vertizor’s post, I haven’t seen many renders of Mordor orcs, I’ve always seen renders of Moria orcs and Uruk-hi. You may want to add some piercings and tattoos to your final model.


yes, the teeth are temporary.
here’s another update, I think he starts coming together now…


Wow very nice head. Clean mesh too.
Maybe add some cuts on his ear or bite marks and some scars on the lips and such. Nice work Im waiting for updates :slight_smile:


I especially like what you did to the chin. Makes his face broader and more menacing, and less “imp-ish”.


thanks. Here’s an update with way better nose and less pointy ears.


PS.: I’m open to suggestions concerning the piercing: pretty much every idea is welcome. The more disturbing / disgusting, the better. :smiley: The current ring in his nose seems to be a little too common…


and another; beefed up the jaw some more, felt the chin was to pointy…


want disgusting, monsterish? make those ears more lopper, more wrinkling, you know? Not so pointy i guess


Personally, I think if you’re going to give him a massive jaw you owe it to him to give him a massive neck. Or give him a really pointy chin & a high angle jawline and make him scrawny… Either way I think he would look a lot better with more flesh on the back of his neck. um, hope you don’t mind but I went a head and painted a preview for you. I figured this saves you the trouble of doing it yourself just to see whether you like it or not.

Let me know if/when you want me to remove the image.


good point regarding the neck. Started on his gums too (quick sneer so you can see them :P) and had an idea for additional piercings: that’s been a cut that has been clamped with rusty metal rings


Hi, good work here.
I think the nose ring should be thicker, more massive, and irregular : orcs don’t give much 'bout perfect circles :slight_smile:
The teeth are very good, i wouldn’t let my hand in there !
I think you can roll on to texturing now ! Maybe just make some minor adjustment to the lower lip, it seems a triffle to smooth to me.
Keep up the good work !


I think you can roll on to texturing now !

hehe, thanks, but not quite. Still working on his mouth cavity and ears… Once I have the UVs laid out he’ll go over to ZBrush for some detailed sculpting.
Still haven’t decided where to stop modeling; I think I should at least do the collarbones and trapezius so I have the option to model some armor and have a complete orc later…


I do agree with the base of the neck (collarbone and trpezius), an orc is always better looking up in his battlesuit than bodyless and floating in a sphere-of-light lit void :slight_smile:
How will you map and texture it ?
I don’t know Z-Brush, never used it. Is it a stand alone software, or a plug ?



ZBrush is a standalone app that’s great for sculpting (www.pixologic.com).
Try the demo, it’s like working with clay rather than pushing vertices around.
Extremely cool with a tablet :smiley:


Hey This Character looks good, the mesh is clean.
Mabe the Ears are a bit too small he look ciute :wink:



Just poppin’ by, took a look at your model, and yeah, fast growin’ dude. I’d just have made the neck a lil’bit more muscular, on the back. Orcs are tough, especially when they have scars :wink:

Keep on rollin’ !