Opus Premier, Stuzzi (3D)


Modeled and lighted in MaYa.Hair Generated by Shave&HairCut.Rendered with Prman
powered by Stuzzi for 3D Artizanal Studio
tribute to J.Bell

Thx u for coments :slight_smile:

***approved by Pixopath

To follow the WIP


WOW! Front Page Material, I hope you submitted this to Expose before the deadline!!!



Mind you her feet look a little big, or maybe it’s just me ?


It’s pretty real and a little…dirty…But I love the dragon and the girl^_^


Amazing quality and style.
Everything is perfect.



Great job. Very natural.:cool:


Excellent stuff, sexy yet dangerous!


GREAT!!! i haven’t seen such a nice work for a long long time.
:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


sweet !!! so nice…so nice
the result is sure turnd out damn sweeeeet!!!:thumbsup:


oh my, this is simply perfect. i can’t comment anything.:thumbsup:



This is so good. Front Page material for sure…


effectivement ça fait mal.:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Tres belle modelisation, bravo ! Par contre, je trouve la compo un peu bizzare, mais c’est une interpretation perso ;).


ca tabasse :slight_smile:


fantastic job. i`ve just seen those last version in the wip section and wanted to congratulate to this stunning job. :applause:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Wow ! great job ! :beer:

Tres belle compo, les formes et proportions sont superbes !


ca déchire stuzzi, la pose est vraimment sexy, la compo est original bref beau travail !
juste ton compositing qui laisse un antialiasing byzarre sur les chaussure, j’ai regardé tes couches avec pixo, faudrai qu’il t envoie la version avec antialiasing nickel .


Fell in love with this pic straight away its one of the best peaces of art i have seen anywhere CG or otherwise :bounce:


wow great work, i’ve been following this one since the beginning.

would you mind posting a 1280x1024 render, i’d love to have this on my desktop.


Followed the WIP, simply stunning. :thumbsup: