optomize scene


can anyone give me any tips on getting my scene to render with mental ray ?

i see to have reached a polygon limit or something
so i have to render it in sections
but it isn’t that big its about 600,000 faces
anyway i have tried fooling with the mental ray memory optomization things but to no luck
any ideas ?
i am new to bigish scenes in mental ray

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What error does it give you when you try to render? How much RAM do you have? Are you using any Maya smooth poly nodes or subdivision surfaces that could be divided by Mental Ray’s own nodes instead?


it gives no errors

i have 4 gigs of rame
but maya can only use like 1.5 right ?
i tried setting the 3gb switch for windows it didn’t seem to help
i am using mental ray to subdivide the surface at render time
but i have tried just with the base mesh also


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