OPTIUMS PRIME, kevin Bao (3D)


Name: kevin Bao
Country: China
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi all~
The model is use by maya and render with Mental ray. I compose the picture with in Digital_Fusion and Photoshop.
Hope you like it~~~


u make it man! congratulations!!!


great render, model, textures and scene!

voted! :thumbsup:


Thats very cool! I especially like the fact that you did Optimus as a Chinese semi and not a North American semi. It’s refreshing change. Great job! :thumbsup:


uh! no arms?


beautiful renders! like the models!
it would be great to see the transformation in an animation.

thirdeye, arms are there mate, they look short compared to legs but they are still visible.


Very nice models!!


:rolleyes: nice .


Awesome design, definitely the best design i have seen, and really great render:thumbsup:


The animation has not completed
no arms…wish world peace,haha…



This is one of the more creative pieces i’ve seen on here in a while. Its great that you are animating it too :thumbsup:


Haha, That´s great, very nice change in design, he looks awesome. Good job and keep it, 5 stars:thumbsup:


great job! very nice indeed ! very clean models~

Don’t you just love the transformers:)

Hope to see the animation soon


great and creative work…

awsome what the human mind can do !


OMG !! 5 big stars
that is Amazing!
Keep up the Great work!

Hamed katebi


great ambienece, i love the atmosphere and colors, great job.


this is totally not my kind of stuff but I LOOOOVE IT! Great atmosphere and I love the pose :slight_smile: :thumbsup::bounce:


There are arms visible.


Amazing realism! gooood :thumbsup: :applause:


Incredible!! Fantastic!!
Fiiiiiive stars!!