Options for assign texture shader node to specific polygon area?


Hello there users of Redshift for C4D

I have got a gustion, is there any node for pick up selection tag? I know i can select selection tag in material selection but i want to be able to do it in material shader editor right in Redshift, is there any options for it?

Lets say i have a cube and i want to put logo just on one face of 6 faces cube… how? :slight_smile: i unchecked the wrap options in texture node but it still shows the same material in back face (mirrored) of the object… And i want the logo to be only on specific face or selection on object polygons.


The closest you’ll come to do what you want in Redshift Node Editor is the RS Ray Switch Node. This tutorial shows the principle of two sided materials using the Ray Switch. You can either place an image or plain color on the other side. This tutorial uses two separate images for front and back, but just look in the Node Attributes for making it a color instead.


Hello and thank you for your quick response. I am afraid i cannot solve my problem with this option to use RS Ray switch node since it works good only with two sided objects like plain for example and object with inner polygons to be seen but i have got a cube which i want to be textured with one texture node only on one face of that cube. I tried to use flat mapping but it texture my cube even on the opposite face of the cube…

So i would like to achieve to have texture only on the one face of the cube (the texture is within the material which is covering all cube but i need only the one texture node be at the one face of the cube… I do not want to do unwrap, there should be some option i hope…

I have attached the look of my problem bellow…


Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Screenshots always help :slight_smile:

Select the polygon/s you want the image on and drag the image material to those polygons or select the polygons and choose Set Selection. This will automatically create a selection tag that limits that texture only to those polygons.

You need to make two materials, one with the logo and tan color and one only with the tan color. Make sure the material with the logo is on the far right of these two materials in your Object manager on the model. It is also possible to do this in a single texture that has an alpha channel for the logo (i.e. background of logo is transparent) and using a RS Material Blender Node with another RS Material Node for the tan color.

If you need to scale, move or rotate the texture on those polygons/selection, choose Flat Projection mode in the material tag Attributes Panel under Tag tab, then use either Texture Mode in the Viewport and use scale, move or rotate tools or in the RS Texture Node under Remap section under General tab to get the the texture to the desired place.

In Redshift RS Texture Node, to stop tiling, untick Wrap U and Wrap V in the RS Texture Node under the UV section. To stop tiling in the viewport as well, untick Tile in the material tag Attributes Panel under Tag tab.

Just found this tutorial for you. He uses Spherical Projection, but in your case, Flat Projection is fine. In future, this will depend on your geometry:


Thank you again Drew Kerr for your constant help here on the forum!

Those tips you have sent me i know about that option to create two materials and one of those two make the sellection tag assign tu. I know about that but thank you for your clear step by step help. Thanks to it i now know that this is the right workaround. I checked up the video tutorial you attached here and i really found out new usage of the material blender especially that part with blending of the material! Thank you!

I will give it a try later on today on my project. I do like the work with the Redshift so much in last days i learn new stuff with it. :slight_smile: Have a nice day


Hey did you figure out how to do this? My problem is that I can’t make my cube editable due to some expression that is on it that seems not work when I do so.


Hi! I think i just assigned two material textures to that object at the end… If you will find out some workarround, just let to know here please :slight_smile: