Optimus Prime!


Hi all

Here is my last little project. It is about one of my faouvorite robots: Optimus Prime from the Transformers Gen 1. I have tried to make this robot as I think he would be in the real world. I mean, a true truck. As a true truck he is no clear and his parts as truck are the same that his parts like robot. I like to see it as an old used truck. I would like to thanks Daniel Martinez lara (http:\www.pepeland.com) his help with the setup and the animation. He is really good at these points and his advices had helped me a lot I have linked too a great videotuto about how to transform a biped char into a bones skeleton. I think it is great. I also would like to thank everybody who has seen the job and contributed to make it better. I have linked an animation of the robot in a tipical US street. The city in Matrix Reloaded inspired me to do it this way. There is two files. The big one is in 1024720 and the small is 720576. I think it is much better to see the big one. I have linked too some high size renders and some differetns view of both the robot and the truck. I am working in another animation inside an highway with more cars running. I will post it as soon as it is finished. I hope you like it and, as ussual, C&C are welcome!!





DAniel Martinez Lara´s Biped to bones tuto



thanks KARRY!!


VIDEO 720 (40MB)

VIDEO 1024 (14MB)

I thik they all are working again.

Thanks for watching!



:open_mouth: !! great work blasphemy… you actually can work in anyplace in any company of the world… you´re the best… i like specially the felling and the atmospheric of the animation… the animation work is also great !!

what can i say ??? five star… front page ! spectacular !


Very very impressive buddy, you’re the best!


Great work man… can’t say anything but 5 stars


Looks great, just the camera movement was a bit distracting.


Wow this is really good. A++ job



how did you light it? HDRI? I love the way you angled the arms just right so the hands can slide out without question :wink:

5 stars! FP worthy!


awww you cheated with the hands :stuck_out_tongue:
shoulda had them twist out of the motor part of the truck or something…
but otherwise amazing :slight_smile: <3 the camera, very believeable movement


Yeahh :bounce:

Awesome work man, the first look of your works is amazing, great model, great shaders, atmosphere, lighting and everything…congrats.

Eres mi cabeza favorita.

nos vemos pronto :beer:


that was awesome… this would how the transformers liveaction should look like :slight_smile:

just one thing tho.,… when he pulls out his arm, the pose looks a little awkward… o i mean it should be more of a “tough” pose with his arms hanging down or something…

but thats just being picky… good job!


Incredible work, as always!
Congratulations! :thumbsup:


nice job with the feel and look of this model/animation. i guess i was expecting a little more ‘thunderous’ transformation, but it turned out nicely. The only major critique i would have is the distracting camera movements. I’m assuming you were going for a live camera 1st person viewer? I would suggest avoid zooming in and out continuously while panning. Let us as viewers settle into the scene. This being said, i really enjoyed seeing Optimus Prime coming to life. 10 stars!
Cheers. josh


Impressive! The CG team for the upcoming Transformers movie set to be released in mid 2007 could sure use you for their works. Keep up the good work, man!


Fantastic stuff
I really like it! From an animation point of view it’s a shame you didn’t get more expressive with the character. He also seems to just stop dead at the end. But a great little project, would be great to see this expanded.


My god - funtastic work!!! :thumbsup: :bounce:


wow, perfect just like old works. congrats to all team. it seems it’ll continue. i’m waiting for it.

cgtalk members need more info about production stage


mate your works are really good! :smiley: but my favourite work is still your Mustang anim for fxwars :wink:

im lookin forward to your finished animation, keep it up man :thumbsup:



the textures on that truck are awesome

well done!


This is retardedly awesome. Im dowloading it now, cant wait to watch it, and I have uber high expectations after seeing how well you handled the design, modeling, and texturing, it’s amazing.

Really inspiring work, cant wait to see it finished man, radcore work.

This should be plugged, hardcore.



Could you post the animation in other formats?