Optimus Prime



I’m a beginner in modelling and also this my first attempt at modelling a character. It’s very much a work in progress, which will be used in a ShockWave presentation.

I post this to know what the pro’s think about it. I can take a lot of critic as long as it is constructive.

This was done in Cinema 4D.


Guess it’s bad huh?


The face is to smooth and the body has no shape.
Perheps you should start over or try something new.


reminds my of my toy I had as a child… wounder where it whent…
Transformers are a bit hard to modell tou they have only sharp corners and still move theyr mouths as if they where organic…
but u need to make the whole modell more pointy… lose the smoothing grups…


looks fine to me.:thumbsup:

Though do take The_Row’s advice though it’ll make it better.

Don’t forget its your model do with it as you wish. :wise:


We can’t see it, the pic must be down.


I saw it a while ago must have gone down recently.


hehe …wel wel taxxodium …I now you !..and you know me :slight_smile:

check out clawz http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=156953 and maybe you’ll recognize the style ?
Somewhere between gent en oudenaarde we have met !

en ik kan uw image niet bekijken ?



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