Optimize 3D models: Atangeo Balancer 2.0 released!


Balancer, a popular tool to optimize and simplify
3D models, now features robust and easy to use
precise pixel-based tolerance simplification.
Now you can easily obtain desired visual quality
just in one click, without thoroughly inspecting
simplified models at different triangle count.

You specify error tolerance in pixels (say 3 pixels)
and your viewport (say 1024 by 1024), and in one click
you get a simplified model, which satisfies your quality
requirement. From any viewing direction, the resulting
model’s silhouette won’t differ by more than 3 pixels.

All the rest of new features and improvements we worked on
we also added to Balancer 1.5.1 for those who purchased
Balancer 1.x.

Here is a decimation with 2 pixel error tolerance
for 480 x 480 viewport:

Balancer is available for both Windows and Mac OS X:



I bought this a few weeks ago to decimate some models that were sent to us by a freelancer who works in zbrush. He had not decimated them in zbrush and they were huge in polycount, I did a quick search on the net for a tool that could do the job (we dont have zbrush)

I found balancer easy to use and brilliant at what it does, also ridiculously cheap. I mainly use Mudbox which has no decimation tool, so Balancer fits in quite nicely.

Sorry to sound like a testimonial, but this app deserves high praise.

Cheers, Nick


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