Optimal pipeline for low to no budget character creation (Paint, clothes, beard) on mac for animation within c4d


I need to create a new 3d character with the following issues:

  1. Mac only

  2. No expensive licensing (2d render only as it’s going into a music video)

  3. No nasty surprises for Mixamo and c4d animation.

Bascially I’m asking because I did the last character backwards and have now spent a bunch of time doing retopo, etc to get it ready to animate, so wondering if there’s an option out there that handles all that stuff or me so I have an animation friendly mesh for c4d along with projection for detail, etc without having to set all that up manually.

Just don’t want to get going in one app or another to learn after the fact that I should have avoided that one because it’s meshes cause problems down the line in c4d / mixamo.