optical illusion


I just wanted to share this with you, courtesy of ebansworld.com


whoa! that’s pretty dope


This “animation” would look even more weird on paper! I’ve seen something simmilar with different shapes and colors. Anyone has an explanation about how it works?


are you aware that it is no animation right? its an image creating an illusion of movement


haha cool I like those.


Edit:Btw,am I right or you can actually stop it. :slight_smile:


I feel queasy! I feel like I’ve been attacked by the hypnotoad :argh:


Man does that f with the eyes.




:slight_smile: this is interesting. if you look at an exact corner or spot, it will stop moving!!


Woah…if you try to follow one line (with corners and stuff) across the image, it gets really hard. I got different results all the time.


Heh, yeah, thats why i’m putting “animation” inside quotation marks. :wink:


Dennik whats that game in your sig??I rember it from a while back…Also very weird stuff.I can follow a row easily tho.


If you squint your eyes it stops.


its funny how people try to stop the wave, LET THE GREEN WAVE LIVE !!!


Wow :eek:
I love optical illusions.


Dizzy! It stops if you just stare at one of those brown things. This would make one really distracting desktop image.


Its Alive !!!


Funny, even more funny is that it only moves if you move your eyes. If you stop moving your eyes and focus on one point, they stop.


Whoaaahhhhh… I feel like… totally in that peace & free love state of mind. :eek:


Optical Illusions… reminds me of the days of trying to find where Waldo was… then you realize he’s right behind you with a serrated knife. :rolleyes:


very very funky…


Here’s a different type of optical illusuion created in 3D. It was inspired MC Esher’s inside out cubes. I created a tutorial to show how it was done.