OpenSource Maya Toolbox


As suggested by AA_Tyrael on this board, I am starting an openSource Maya toolbox, instead of all us scripters adding the same procedures into each of our scripts we need to coorporate so whe can gather all the most usefull procedures into one single script/plugin and maybe help alias a little with the programming of such tools.

If any of you guys have any intend in helping with this project or in any way complement the development, please let me now :slight_smile: The project is always open for new developers and no need to keep off cos of little programming/scripting experience. Easy tasks as well as hard ones may help all the same and you won’t learn if you don’t try :smiley:

The project homepage can be found at:
Nothing much yet, but it may popup and meanwhile, the sourceforge project page may come in handy. (link from the homepage)
Anyone who wants to join up as developer, please register at sourceforge at drop me a note with you account name.

The bleeding edge version can from now on be downloaded from:
Click the OMToolbox.mel link and download the latest version, but as it is bleeding edge, it may be unstable, so this whould only be for the impatient ones or the beta testers.

For the betatesters, please submit to the betatester mailing list and anyone else who are interested in the progress should likewise submit to the news mailing list:

IRC: #OMToolbox @ Freenode

Thanks to all who want to participate in any way :smiley:




like I said in ICQ allready… I’m open for anything… :slight_smile:
Can’t say if I’m really in yet… depends on the Project… and if I have time etc…

But… I like the idea!



Nice one jakob :wink:

I only feel bad that my next semester does not allow me to assist you with scripts :frowning:

(although i have to confess i am not that good on em :wink: )

In any case i would like to congratulate both of you for the work you provide to all of us here and i would like to personally ask for both of you(and others) to co-operate together such as that with a little help of everyone we could cover most tools that are missing in Maya and finally have an answer against the Maxers that constantly bash maya-ers with “maya user community is dead”

/me envisions thousands of maya users utilizing “the one script”

He who controls the script controls the rest of the modelling packages :stuck_out_tongue:

-The Lord of the Scripts-

Maybe i should go bug a moderator to front page this !
Its a good effort !

Come on guys !!! we can do it,we can all gain from this !


hi jakob,

so, are you thinking of compiling together a set of common procedures that we all write for our scripts, and then putting them into a plugin that will make available the procedures as something like commands? like…say, sorting edge order on a loop, or something like that, and standardizing the process?

i like the idea very much of a community collaboration. we all probably have very specific ways that we work, so i wonder how possible it is to agree on a set of standards for any one procedure. but i like the intent of sharing code so that not everyone is reinventing the same wheel.



I dont really know how to specify the project more then that it hopefully will end up in a plugin/script package that includes mostly all common used / requested tools. Maybe it can be splittet up into a serverel plugins which includes tools for different work areas. This is in no way a full time occupation. You may work on it any time you like. I’ll certainly quit working on my own script and use that time on this one instead, if this is going to work out.

Hehe… we need to stand up against that Max community! :stuck_out_tongue: and make Maya the most complete 3D app available! :smiley:

I think the perfect result would be a plugin containing mostly all common used /requested features and some different Mel script for the interface. I don’t know if it is possible to replace already existing tools in maya, but if we could, then much of the tools would simply be updates and the like :smiley:
Concerning different ways of working, there will still be tools that mostly all of us requests, so it is only the most common tools which get implimented.
There will be a poll on every requested feature, so the programmers simply start from the ones with most votes.

I just came to think of the fact that this project very well may ruin all who makes Maya scripts and sell them. There is no money in this project and there never will be, but I really think that this could help the whole Maya community alot so it almost have to be done.
Sorry folks… but atleast it will take some time before this plugin in any way are useful


I suppose the first thing to do would be to have people make requests. Top five requests get the main focus for now?


Well. Just on my thread about JWToolBox there is alot of requests and tools like the ones in BPT, AyaKoshigayas script suite and JWToolBox seems quite popular, so I think some of those would be the first ones.

Concerning poly modelling I would think that these are some of the most requested/used:

  • Bevel
  • loopsplit
  • select loop
  • select ring
  • connect faces/vertices/edges
  • soft selection

and there is alot more. These I think, should be the first ones to make, cos Mayas poly mod tools are the ones that lacks the most compared to other 3D packages.


something like “bandsaw” from LW would be nice

Basically u select the faces that u wanna edge split(think of “connect edge” over multiple edges) and it asks you of how many splits u want,(i.e 4) and automatically creates them,with the edges mentaining the same distance over each other

Kinda annoying to do it with the current tools :slight_smile:

Gotta select edge…,connect edge,slide edge,pick new edges,connect edge,slide edge bla bla bla :stuck_out_tongue:


That list pretty much sums it up. I think connect vertices is my main request. Subdivide edge > connect the newly created vertices, pretty much takes care of that bandsaw situation mentioned previous. Unless you want to go the XSI approach, where you can split an edge and have the following options: connect (if not checked, the edge just inserts a vertex) and parallel loop (loops the split when checked) and the ability to increase the subdivions. Which is a nice collection of pretty much the same tool bunched into one.


icono i know,but if ur trying to add 4-5 edges to areas like the eyes or lips it takes a lot of time :confused:

The XSI way sounds sweet =)


not really! Just ring select, subdivide 4 times, then connect the new vertices using a script. (I wrote a little thing so that it selects the newly created vertices instead of the newly created edges). But yeah, the xsi way is very nice.


We’ll figure out exactly how the tools are to work before they are made, but right now the main interest is how many programmers who like the idea and maybe would like to co-operate


I like the idea.

I’d like to join.


Hey and nice to see that you are in MSB:D

I have been wondering a bit about the format of the tool.
I say that one single plugin would be the most userfriendly but also the most timeconsuming to make. Another way would be bunches of both MEL scripts and plugins from already existing packages(ofcause only from packages where the writer has been asked). this would then make the OpenSourceToolBox can get usefull as soon as possible and I do think that this will be it to begin with.

Furthermore it needs a name. Any of you who have a suggestion or 10?

Ideas for either of the questions would be appreciated


I think if we just make mel and parent it to main maya window it well be good such like MJ poly tools…the using from other writers sounds good.

the name isn’t an issue now I think.just try to know how in.


It’s be nice to see the heavier scripts as actual plugins, and other bits and pieces as scripts. We all know MJ poly tools, but we also all know it’s downfall, and that’s that it works slow on dense meshes. And then there’s byron’s poly tools, which work well and fast, but at are a cost and also his scripts tend to add strange nodes and apparently does bad wonders to your UV’s.
It’d be nice to see Jakob’s and Aye’s tool working in one nice, clean package, but as plug-ins :slight_smile:


OM Toolkit(which stands for OpenMaya)

We dont need flashy names :stuck_out_tongue:


Cos of a big school assignment and some personal stuff I can’t really work on this project the next 2 week, but I have decided that I definately will set it up no matter how many who wants to join at the moment. Furthermore I will try to get Alias to host the project as it clearly will be a great boost to the community if it succeeds :smiley:

See you in 2 weeks or so and please do keep posting if any great ideas come up or just something you would like to add.



I have nothing I can add to what has been said apart from some encouragement! Really nice idea guys, your scripts are already really helpful and having them all rolled together into a super-plugin would be much appreciated.


It would be better if you could host it here in cgtalk, as its clearly a “big” community and then join the alias “conductor” program

And yes making them an API plugin would be nice ,yet a little too much to ask for atm?
I guess it would be either better to get all devs on API working from start, or recycling of existing script,combination and multiplication of them