Opening old files: edit poly deformed


I’m trying to reopen some old files with uncollapsed stacks and the objects with edit poly modifiers are all messed up.

I know this is an old issue, but the solution proposed in this thread does not work for me:

I’ve installed the old 2009 32bit max, but the file opens exactly the same :argh:

From now on I’m collapsing everything before archiving a project. Bad modelling habits, not doing it again :wip:

I’ll really appreciate some help to recover my old files:


It’s probably an issue where it is renumbering the vertices which screws up whatever you did with the edit poly.

I’ve had this happen more often with the newer releases of 3ds Max, I’ve also had it happen between machines–like if I do something at work and then open it at home it might be screwed up but then opening it at work it’s fine. So if you can, try opening it on the same machine with the same version of 3ds Max. I don’t think there’s any way to fix it otherwise.


Thanks for your help, now I start to figure out what’s happening.

Unfortunately I did those scenes some years ago and there is no way to use exactly the same machine. I’ll try to find a friend with a 32 bit windows XP PC :rolleyes: to see if it works.


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