Opening Graphic For Fallout Series


Well hello. I’m looking for someone to collab on a project. No pay upfront, just so you don’t waste your time. We are doing a structured gross royalty agreement, just in case, so we everyone’s bases are covered.

So here’s the deal: It’s a web series based in the Fallout universe based on two dudes who decide to become raiders… among other things.

Our first episode went down really well, hung around at the top of the /r/Fallout subreddit all day and pulled 2k views and 250 subscribers. Here’s a link:

Thing is, our opening is weak sauce. I actually come from a MG background but hung up those boots when I got a “job” working for “the man” selling my “soul”.

I’m just not good enough to rip open after effects and cinema 4d to do something worth while. So I’m looking for a person(s) who just love the world and want to throw in with the rest of us. We have a full team of editors, talent, and a few writers and we are all just doing it for kicks.

We’re looking for something really quick, like 5-10 seconds, that just introduces the production tag and the name of the show with some of the crazy energy the writing has.
To be clear, I hate being hit up for free stuff too. This a project for a Fallout fan who wants to get some more airtime, credit love, and possibly some cash down the line.

If anyone is interested, ping me, and either way, good luck on all yall careers and passions.