OpenFX in Shake?


Has anyone been able to get this openFX gasket to work with Shake?

openfx for shake


Yes, I’ve had it working at a few places. You actually need it to use primatte with the source code version. Only issue is it is only Openfx v1.0 and most new plugins are v1.1, so good chance most ofx plugins won’t work or will crash.


thanks for the heads up. I thought perhaps it could really help me out, but if you’re saying its quite limited, then I’ll leave it be. I should just drop it and transfer to Nuke and After Effects.

What about the gpuLensWarp that came with the SDK, could you get that to work? If so, did you notice much of a speed boost? For some reason I’ve been unable to get that to load. I get about 20 of the 27 included examples to load.



Well what are you trying to use it for?

The sdk’s are often just examples which give you an ideas of how to program your own tools. Not necessarily ready to use tools out of the box.


I’m just trying to figure out the list of tools I will need for the next client project. I was hoping OpenFX would allow me to broaden my possible pool to pull from, maybe allowing me to have a few Motion Graphic style tools, such as squash and stretch. Those are simple enough to build myself though. The bigger my list of needs gets the more I understand I would like to add AE to my toolset, particles, Faux or real 3D lighting and 3D text…ya AE…and the fantastic hardware acceleration videos coming out of the AE labs is looking great.

I asked about the gpulensWarp to see if anyone has gotten any successful GPU acceleration with Shake beyond the multiplane node, seeing as GPU acceleration is nice as long as everything looks good visually.

Thanks for your input Beaker.


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