Opencanvasing a Jedi


HI folks! I downloaded opencanvas months ago but i´ve never used it till now, so this is my first drawing. It´s a great program, allows online painting and saves the progress of the image in a .wpe format.

Its a concept sketch for a she-jedi (yes, i´m a nerd, nice to meet you) took about one hour and half (i had a break for watching Lethal Weapon 4 :p) I´ve missed the cool brushes of painter, but i can show you the progress (you need the program in order to see it)

Here´s the .wpe file (zip compressed, about 700kb) right click and save target here


hey, good work, it’s nice to see how a painting is created.

  • The only thing that really bothers me are the legs… I think there’s a perspective problem or something (well, and I really don’t like those sort of boots, but that’s personal :slight_smile: ).
  • Isn’t the neck too long ?

anyway, it’s cool


I like the colors you’re using, the contrast between the purple she’s got on and her skin is nice… but is there any particular intent or concept behind this piece… or is she just some random partially dressed chick with weapons? :curious:


That program gives it a cross between watercolor and pastel. Oh yah… female Jedis are hot.

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Thanks for your replies! Let´s go for the counter replies:

Najd: you “only see perspective problems on the legs”? are you blind? There´re problems all over the drawing: small head, long neck (as you´ve said), clavicle broken, too long left arm, a heel shorter than the other one, short lightsable, wrong lighting… :beer:

Gnarly Cranium: why should be there any concept behind? It´s a half nacked chick, with a gun and a lightsable!! You don´t need more! :smiley: Actually i pretend to model her in lowpoly, maybe for a jedi knight 2 mod, not for sure yet.

Cenobite: Exactly the point. We´re here to help each others to pass through our illness and BECOME THE GREATEST JEDIS OF THE WHOLE GALAXY, BY THE POWER OF THE FOR… oh, damn, I´ve been clean for a month, now back to the beginning… :shrug:

I hope you´ve had fun watching my clumsy atempts of completing an image as much as I´ve got drawing it.


nice job! i know how limiting that program is…

i think her arms are too long… especially her upper arm.

anyways, I tried OC before i was able to work with painter, and i wasn’t able to do anything near that :slight_smile: now that i have painter though, i don’t think i’d go back to open canvas!


Originally posted by Pancreas
Gnarly Cranium: why should be there any concept behind? It´s a half nacked chick, with a gun and a lightsable!! You don´t need more!

Ohhh yeaaah!! Heh, sorry, almost forgot-- silly me! :smiley:


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