Open Source Plugins.



Because I am working a another big project and also have 4 month young son right here.
I have decided to make some of my plugins open-source.

The source code will be available soon ™ on the GitHub.



This will be really helpful! Thank you Remotion.


That’s hugely generous, thank you. Do they all currently work in R16?


Thank you very much Remo.
Uniflex will be the most useful thing for C4D community!

Congratulations on your son, I hope he will be as talented as his father :slight_smile:


There’s nothing to thank for.

Yes UniFlex, SuperVoxels, SuperTracer and GeoTools should work with R16.
Other may need mirror changes.
And some older plugins will probably not work.



Cool - dumb question: how do we get them? Or is the code not yet on GitHub?


thanks Remo :thumbsup:


Congratulations on both the big project, and more importantly your son. Don’t be a stranger.


Very generous of you, thank you very much.



considering the time and effort over the years this is a big thing.
for anyone interested in c4d coding plugs
remo’s have always been stable and fast…so no doubt loads people can learn from them.
a big big thank you for this…lets hope some find them useful and also learn or even add to them.
:bowdown: :beer: :bowdown:


Hello Igor
Thanks for some sources! (Dem-importer is interesting thing even a few code is “dirty” :wink: )
flingster, hold on, he don’t say good-bye to c4d people

I guess son’s first words will be “mama”(analogue of main), #include “milk.h” :keenly: and develop special wrapper for childish :lightbulb


hehehheh v funny ilay.
yes i know he always has a new brew of c4d toys for flingster the break :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Remo…that is very generous of you! I have always been a fan of your plugins and Ditools was one of those tools that got me hooked on C4D back in the day :cool:

Speaking of which, are you going to put Ditools on Github as well? Not sure if it even works any more, but there are still some tools from it that I miss :cry:


This will prove to be invaluable for many prospective coders, as well as being interesting and useful to the community for actual use. This is a great and generous gesture to the community. Bravo.


> Dem-importer is interesting thing even a few code is “dirty”
I have no such plugins, may be you are meaning something different.
Yes the code my be dirty but it is (will) be open source so you can cleanup it :slight_smile:

> but there are still some tools from it that I miss :cry:
DiTools is a great plugins package, so I will probably not release it as whole only some parts.
What plugins are you missing? Because the was also DiTools2 with some updated plugins.

How much of the plugins will be open sourced and how fast is dependent on your feedback, contributions and support!


I’m sorry for such words. I simply read info in readme :rolleyes: for source at github


Not this is correct it is dirty code :slight_smile:
I only mean that now everybody bode can improve this if he want this.

By the way now the first plugin for C4D written in D Language is available on GitHubtoo.



DiTessa was great and I haven’t seen a modern equivalent. Also, can’t remember the name of it, but the plugin that procedurally created splines over a polygon surface.


di splinegen me thinks.

di cloner rocked, di tessa, mostly anything related to spline functionality because you could use then in such creative ways
then all the tags and shaders mean’t you could use them all over the place in scenes
.but splinegen was cool. :lightbulb :wavey:


Hi, thank you, btw i have studying and "sketching’ of scripting/programming as hobby(not Pro user). Does Dlang be closer to Ruby? But i see array examples, closer if using numpy for python.
It maybe replace coffee, but it really like as coffee…
Anyway i have quick look at it, need to dive in it