Open Season 2 Trailer


I think it gets released on DVD in the US in January.


Wow talk about flying under the radar…
Looks cool.

Any details on the production?


Pretty sure most of the film was done at Reel FX.


what? why dvd? I love the first one. And the trailer looks good enough for the big screen…


Looks great. This was one of mine and my 2 year olds fave. Can 't wait to watch it with him.


Yeap it is a Reel FX production.


A video production !!! Hmm that explain why.
I’ve seen it on theater last weekend here and I was disappointed, couldn’t believe it when I’ve noticed color clamping and some other issues.
And I was wondering how come I didn’t even hear about it being in production.


I worked on it for around 4 months as a lighter and a comper. Was quite fun. ReelFX is a great place.



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