Open Green, Andrius Balciunas (3D)


Title: Open Green
Name: Andrius Balciunas
Country: Lithuania
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello everyone,

This is my latest work I’ve been working for sometime.

This is probably the first time I made an image starting with color scheme. I saw a photo where a green leaf is put on human arm and I thought that those two colors suit each other so great. So that was basically enough for me to inspire me on this.

This is no one particular. I’ve used reference of Adriana Karembeu, but I didn’t want to make her.

Made with 3dsmax, with the little help of zbrush. Textures are hand painted, ornaments made using various patterns kaleidoscoping them, editing and so on. Hair, eyebrows and eyelashes made using ornatrix. Cloth is simulated.

Don’t know what else to say… hope you’ll like it.


Here are some close-ups:


The elegance of your work continues to astound. Well done!


graet work 4 stars


Excellent image, and great colour scheme. It’'s funny, the first thing I thought of was “I really like the good use of green and gold/yellow colours in this image”… then I read that it was the first thing you started with, I guess it shows!


-wonderful model, her skin tone is well done and great job on the texturing…


Front page. 5*


Your fabric textures are stunning! Actually, the whole thing is: great pose, expression, and lighting. Two very minor complaints: the chain that has the green orb (which is fantastically imagined!) doesn’t quite look like it sits on her neck heavily enough—I’d expect the chain to very slightly to cut into her neck with the weight of the orb; and the render has some problems with color shifting on the metals (mostly visible in the close-ups). Off-hand, I’d guess you’re aliasing settings are a bit off, or that it needs to be rendered at a a higher bit rate, and then brought down in Photoshop afterwards. But those are quibbles: this goes straight into my desktop rotation.


Great pose.

Very nicely done with the texturing and lighting :D.

definitely gallery worthy


reHi Glenn, how are you mate? Thanks I always get technical and artistical inspration from your characters.

Sauron, grantmoore3d, DarkLimit, Brasil, Kenrick-Wu: thank you!

DizzyJ: Thanks, you are probably talking about chromatic aberration which I did intentionally.

here is the wire


Wow this is great! i love the fabrics:drool:


Wow. That fabric still has me completely awed. It’s the most tactile CGI think I think I’ve ever seen.

I don’t understand the chromatic aberration, though. What lead you there? I’d expect that with glass/gems, but not with metal. I just did a test by putting a chrome pen into some intense sun; I got strong (monochromatic) caustics, but no color fringe. Is that an effect seen in photography (or with digital cameras exposing the limits of their signal processing)? Or was it a stylistic decision?

Would you mind sharing how you went about making the fabric texture? The more I look at it, the more amazed I am. You appear to have gotten the way thread is a series of straight lines down perfectly, almost like you stitched your details on, rather than painted a UV map.


Absolutely astounding image. It would be a good photo but as a 3d picture is one of the best I have seen :bowdown: . Seven stars - sorry five is the limit :thumbsup:


Great work! I love the pose.


this is amazing:arteest:

she looks sentual and seductive

very nice touch
i cant wait to see what you have in store for us next:buttrock:


wooow , creazy modeling , your modeling is superb
she is beautiful , really high detail congratulant
:beer: 10 star bravo


WOOOOOOOOW this is simply one of my favourites after i had the first look , 5 stars i hope it will get a prize , GREAT WORK


its a must for the top page :beer:


very nice.
very sexy.
very star ******


great stuff


ooooooh my god that craziness

5 stars for me